Disrupt or be Disrupted

Md7 is Committed to Innovation

As we celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of Md7, we cannot rest on our laurels.  Md7 has no choice – we must continue to innovate.  The wireless industry is changing – quickly!  

The advent of small cells, the evolution to 5G, the demand for fiber, 100+ percent penetration, decreasing ARPU, larger antenna sizes, loaded towers, price pressure, and more.  If we just sit back and do what we have always done the same way we have always done it, we will be disrupted and displaced.  We choose to disrupt ourselves.  

Md7 was founded in January of 2003 with an innovative spirit that eventually lead to the declaration of our Mission and Purpose – “Developing Innovative Solutions for Communication Networks Globally”.  And that same spirit inspired one of our core values – Continuous Improvement.  

We have continuously sought to provide extreme service to our customers such as:

We have been told many times, “that won’t work” and “that’s not how you do it” but we have been committed to disruptive innovation when it comes to developing cell sites especially when it comes to negotiating and managing the leases.  We view cell site leases as assets that must be carefully managed and fully optimized, not just an underlying necessity and cost of doing business.

The momentum is shifting in our smartphone-controlled society.  Driven by market saturation, exponential demand for data and shrinking margins, wireless operators are seeking new ways to deploy more cells sites at lower costs.  

Md7 is committed to, and ready for, the challenge.   

February 13, 2018
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