Delivering the Next Generation Wireless Communication Network

Md7 Solutions for the Wireless Industry

Md7 provides innovative solutions to help mobile network operators effectively acquire, manage, maintain, and upgrade their cellular real estate portfolio. We assist operators in delivering the next generation of wireless communication networks.

Founded in 2003, Md7 has operations around the globe where we apply cutting-edge technology to modernize processes within the wireless industry. Our experience covers 5 continents, 13 languages, 18 countries, 34 operators, and hundreds of thousands of site leases.


Site Development

Siting, Leasing, A&E, Utility Coordination, Zoning / Permitting for Macro & Small Cell


Abstracts, Rent Roll, Land Use, Integration, Data Management    

Expense Reduction

Lease Optimization, Prepayments, Language Enhancement, Extensions

Landlord & Lease Management

Landlord Hotline & Online Access, Case Tracking / Resolution, Lease Administration