Md7 and CalWA

Md7 is proud to announce the appointment of Lynn Whitcher to the Board of Directors of the California Wireless Association. The California Wireless Association (CalWA), a State Wireless Association (SWA) program under PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association, promotes the wireless industry at the state and municipal level, educating consumers and public officials about the wireless industry and the critical role it plays in economy, safety, and society. California’s onerous zoning laws are well known for stalling site deployment and modification schedules, making CalWA’s mission of outreach critical to the future of wireless siting in the Golden State. CalWA’s leadership is comprised of representatives from wireless service providers, tower companies, law firms, and industry consultants.

Md7 has been a strong supporter of CalWA. Sean Maddox (Land Use) is Co-Chair of the CalWA Regulatory Committee, of which Ms. Whitcher, Cynthia Hanson (Land Use Counsel), and Daniel Goodrich (Land Use) are members. Ms. Hanson and Ms. Whitcher are assisting in the efforts to form a Legislative and Legal Affairs Subcommittee.

Ms. Whitcher also serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors of the Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum.

August 20, 2015
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