Outward Mindset

By Michael Moskowitz, Director of Human Resources

At Md7 we encourage employees to embrace a set of 6 Core Values – Integrity, Extreme Service, Continuous Improvement, Respect for the Individual, Giving Back and Balanced Life – because we believe that by doing so, we are supporting beliefs that result in an organization of happier, healthier and more productive people.

An annual series of interactive workshops led by Cheryl Bobbitt, Director of Corporate Responsibility and Michael Moskowitz, Director of Human Resources, reinforce the Core Values message to all Md7 employees worldwide.      

This year’s training explores employee motivations, or reasons, for embracing our Core Values in a slightly different way. Where traditionally we have explored and discussed the “what’s in it for me” and “what’s in it for Md7” points of view in promoting our Core Values, this year we will examine Core Values in the context of the “outward mindset.”    

We usually think of the term “mindset” as a way a person views the world around them. This year’s Core Values training will diverge from a more self-focused inward mindset to an others-focused outward mindset when we explore employee motivations for embracing our Core Values and the impact they have on others. Discussions and small group experiential exercises will once again be part of our program agenda; happier, healthier and more productive Md7 employees will be sure to follow!    


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