About Md7

Innovative solutions for cell sites

It's not just solutions for the wireless industry. It's wireless global expertise.

Md7 is an international multi-skilled solution provider providing innovative services to help telecoms effectively manage, acquire and upgrade their entire real estate portfolio to deliver the next generation of wireless communication networks.

Our telecoms customers span geographical regions and our focus is to engage and drive value in the real estate and site development dynamics of our customers.

Founded in 2003, Md7 has offices around the globe where we apply the skills of our 200+ employees and cutting-edge technology in modernizing processes that have traditionally slowed innovation and progress within the wireless industry.

With real estate and site development experience that covers 5 continents, 13 languages, 18 countries, 34 operators, and over 100,000 site leases, Md7 is uniquely positioned to expertly manage any site lease.

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Solutions and Services

Expertise, technical know-how, and innovative solutions for the wireless industry.

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Career Opportunities

We always welcome skilled and passionate candidates who are interested in joining the Md7 team to further develop their career.

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Our Vision and Purpose:

Developing Innovative Solutions for Communication Networks Globally.

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Our Core Values:

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Respect for the Individual

Each person is of equal value. Treat each person as you would want to be treated

md7 icon core value giving back

Giving Back

Give back to the community, both locally and globally.

md7 icon core value extreme service

Extreme Service

Exceed the customer’s expectations.

md7 icon core value balanced life

Balanced Life

Work smarter, not longer.

md7 icon core value improvement

Continous Improvement

Always look for ways to improve how we do things.

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Be honest and truthful with everyone, both inside and outside the company.