Turnkey Site Development

 Macro, Small Cells and DAS

Our goal – sites on-air faster!

Md7 combines a highly standardized process with local expertise through the use of LiveTrack™, our proprietary site development and project management software, to deliver more quickly and efficiently every phase of site development from search rings through construction management.

Our teams have deep experience in the local markets and, combined with our technology, give us an ability to scale and deliver a high volume of daily throughput that reduces cycle times, reduces costs, and also results in quality leases.

Candidate Identification

Leasing – Private landlords and MLA/Frame Agreements

Architecture and Engineering

Land Use – Zoning/Permitting


Site Acquisition Management

Notice to Proceed / Ready to Construct

Utility Coordination

Construction Management


Expense Reduction

Md7 is the most experienced and successful company worldwide in improving lease economics and obtaining lease enhancements on existing wireless sites. We have been executing lease optimization programs since 2003 and have negotiated on over 100,000 sites from the most sophisticated commercial property owners in high-density urban areas to more landowners in rural environs. 

Md7 seeks to maintain a positive, long-term landlord – tenant relationship that meets the economic needs and stability for both parties. Md7 will seek to achieve more sustainable economic parameters, rents and escalators, as well as leasehold enhancements and operating rights to simplify and solidify the long-term relationship.

A component of Md7’s Lease Optimization Service includes lease purchase and long-term easement options involving one-time payments of rent by or on behalf of our service provider customer. These “buyouts” are governed by the long-term operating parameters of the service provider and designed to achieve the economic needs of the landlord.

Lease Optimization


Language Enhancements



Site Development and Project Management Software

LiveTrack was built specifically for the wireless site development industry. After years of searching and piecing together various tools, Md7 built its own tool to offer customizable workflow, to manage every phase of a site deployment as well as complete lease management and administration for the entire lease lifecycle.

LiveTrack is a simple and collaborative way to centralize multidisciplinary information and milestones, providing end-to-end visibility to all stakeholders

For more information, see our LiveTrack video.

Sites On-Air Faster

Increased Efficiency

Better Reporting

Faster Identification of Problems or Delays


Analysis, Analytics and Outsourcing

With our unique blend of financial, legal, technical and operational expertise, Md7 is qualified to help you operate more efficiently through forward-thinking analysis and analytics.

We have designed and executed many customized projects to analyze tens-of-thousands of wireless real estate assets, developed creative solutions to uncover and correct inefficiencies, built databases to manage assets, optimized operational efficiency, integrated acquired assets, and outsourced daily administrative lease activities.  


Rent Roll Calculations, Analysis & Verification

Land Use – Zoning and Permitting



Outsourced Lease Administration

Custom Projects