Scout is a cutting edge computer vision and mobile augmented reality app

Scout accelerates the site acquisition process by enabling virtual site walks and automating pole measurements to create candidate packages, site sketches, 1As and topographical surveys. It eliminates the need for back-office processing of the data gathered in the field because all field data is uploaded from the app and is immediately accessible through a complementary web portal called Base. Base manages search rings and auto-populates candidate packages and survey templates as soon as the field data is uploaded from Scout.

Small Cell Field Technology

Cutting edge technology to make site acquisition and surveying work effortless.

AR Scene Mark Up

GPS Error Reduction

Computer Vision & Edge Detection

Accelerated Measurements

Scout & Base




Md7 Scout Base Desktop App for Small Cell Sites

Field App

  • Candidate Evaluation
  • Measure Field Data
  • Photo and Video
  • AR Overlay

Desktop App

  • Real Time Fielding Status
  • Virtual Site Walk
  • Automate Deliverables
    • Candidate Packages
    • Site Sketches
    • 1A
    • Topographic Surveys

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