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Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for Contract Abstraction and Document Management

Contract Analyzer leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to abstract key provisions and manage lease data for cell site leases.

Contract Analyzer utilizes Md7’s cutting-edge, proprietary rules for machine learning to accurately abstract and categorize key lease provisions in thousands of cell site leases for major wireless operators.

Contract Analyzer has rules ready to deploy in English and German and is capable of quickly expanding to additional languages to accommodate worldwide customer demand for accurate lease data across all Mobile Network Operators.

Current Challenges

Operators and their contractors need to significantly increase bandwidth on their networks. The networks need to be continually updated to deliver on the promise of 5G and other technologies.

This means the operators need to build more cell sites in less time and at lower costs than ever before.

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Machine Learning

Turn Documents into Searchable Data

Contract Analyzer allows users to

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    Digitize their documents, creating an organized and searchable document database relying on Optical Character Recognition and accurate metadata.

  • Md7 icon – Process Management

    Implement any number of ML rules to quickly and accurately abstract and maintain lease provision data for existing and newly created lease documents, while significantly reducing the time and cost associated with this effort.

  • Md7 icon – Portfolio Value

    Push captured data into any system of their choosing for utilization and/or analysis.

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