Why Do We Need Small Cells?

Why Do We Need Small Cells?

Because the way we use our mobile phones has evolved.




 The forecast for mobile video

By 2020, it is forecasted that wireless networks will carry 30.6 exabytes of video each month. That is the equivalent of 7.6 billion DVDs or a little more than one DVD for every person on the planet.

Video is and will continue to be a huge driver of the need for adequate capacity in networks.



Traditional cell sites on tall towers and rooftops (“macro sites”) provide excellent coverage for large areas, but they do not offer the bandwidth needed to support the current growth rate of mobile data usage. Small Cells are placed on street lights and utility poles along public roads to alleviate the capacity strain on macro sites. They enhance coverage in locations where macro sites need support, such as beaches, residential neighborhoods and dense downtown areas. Small Cells are paving the way for the enhanced mobile network of the future, all while maintaining a much lower visual impact on the community than traditional macro sites.


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