Unlocking Human Potential In A Mobile World With MD7’s Tom Leddo

At MD7, we talk a lot about our core values – integrity, respect for the individual, extreme service, continuous improvement, balanced life, and giving back – and we’re often asked why. The answer is simple. It’s the only way we are going to walk the talk.

Our core values aren’t just painted on a wall or talked about in company meetings. They are genuinely embedded in everything we do as a company. Recently, our Chief Strategy Officer, Tom Leddo, had the opportunity to expand on this approach with Carrie Charles, host of RCR Wireless’ 5G Talent Talk.  

In this podcast, Tom shares how MD7 has led through its core values since its first day of operations, how these values influence MD7’s approach to business decisions, and of course, how they drive the company’s view around human capital. Tom also talks about some of the recent trends he’s keeping an eye on across the wireless sector and what he thinks a 5G future will bring for MD7 and the industry at large.  

To watch and listen to Tom’s interview with Carrie, click here or on the link below: 

 Unlocking Human Potential In A Mobile World With MD7’s Tom Leddo

May 27, 2021
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