Md7 Relocates Office in Portland, Oregon

By Sean Maddox, Project Manager

Portland, Oregon.  Md7 LLC announces the relocation of its Portland operations. The new office is located at 6645 NE 78th Court, Suite C4.

Christine Bradford, Md7 Project Manager, notes that “the new office location provides us with a professional appearance and is near our clients’ offices.  The environment allows for the staff to work closely with each other for day to day interaction and is convenient for the frequent meetings and visits required to the clients’ offices nearby.”

Md7 began operating in Portland when it acquired Lexcom Development Corp in July of 2015. Louis Levy, founder of Lexcom and current Vice President at Md7, reiterated that “The relocation of the Portland operations has made it much more convenient for our Portland based team members to interact with our clients in the market and is a more comfortable work environment.  ”  

The airport is less than 5 minutes from our location which also allows for ease and convenience of staff flying into Portland for business or meetings in the market.

Founded in 2003, Md7 is turnkey site development and real estate optimization company serving the telecommunications industry. With operations throughout the United States and Europe, Md7 has also expanded into Canada, Northern Africa, and Oceana.

March 16, 2017
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