Md7 Launches New Website That Shows Both Cellular Operators and Cell Site Landlords How to Love Their Lease

SAN DIEGO, CA — (PRWeb – April 5, 2010) – Cell site real estate expert Md7 has launched a new website that features strategies that can help both cellular operators and cell site landlords to get the most value from their cell site leases. A pioneer in real estate asset management for the wireless industry, Md7 has launched the site as part of its commitment to take a leadership role in global wireless asset management and administration.

As an authorized agent of some of the largest wireless operators around the world, Md7 has helped operators make their cell site portfolios more flexible and efficient. outlines how industry players can meet the evolving needs of modern wireless networks, whether it’s related to deploying LTE and 4G or addressing how operators can respond to the challenge of declining average revenue per user (ARPU). The new site also showcases industry articles on the business of cell site leasing.

The new website offers testimonials from satisfied landlords who describe how they have benefited from Md7 programs. Plus, it features tips on how landlords can make themselves better partners of their wireless operator tenants and protect their leases from industry predators and false claims.

“We’ve built our reputation upon solid, long-term relationships with both landlords and operators based on our integrity, deep industry expertise, technical know-how and innovative solutions,” said Sudeep Gupta, Vice President of Marketing for Md7. “Our new website supports our endeavor to educate both constituencies on how Md7 is changing the way the wireless industry manages cell site real estate.” features links to its industry blog at, Twitter feed at and YouTube channel at

About Md7

Md7 is a specialized real estate portfolio management company that identifies and develops asset optimization and expense reduction initiatives for wireless and wireline telecommunications operators. Through proprietary financial engineering, Md7 provides a highly efficient property management system for the unique commercial real estate interests of wireless carriers. The Md7 suite of services focuses on lease management of cell site portfolios. With both US and European international headquarters in San Diego and London, Md7 has become a proven partner of top wireless corporations and a sophisticated source of funding thanks to a uniquely qualified and structured finance, real estate, legal, operations and technology team.

April 5, 2010
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