Giving Back 2014

by Daniel Goodrich
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Too often we find our industry is focused on deadlines and bottom lines. Especially towards the end of Q4, the holiday crunch tends to intensify that focus.

Even though Md7 is working hard straight into the New Year, we at the San Diego office took a brief moment among the chaos to make an enormous impact with our Holiday Food Drive Challenge.

The goal: collect as many non-perishable food items as possible in under a week and donate them to local charities in desperate need.

The challenge: split the office into two competing teams, where each team would strategize to accumulate as many food items as possible.

The process: our competitive nature truly fueled the charitable fire while team members:

  • emptied cash from their wallets;
  • convinced others to empty their own;
  • sold baked goods;
  • cleared out home cupboards;
  • taxied crates of food from the store to the office; and
  • even auctioned unique packages (e.g. wine tasting, fancy dinner, even car washing) – time that the executives of the company graciously donated!

The result: The employees of Md7 were able to donate over 5,000 total items and over $1,500.00 dollars (plus a cash donation of $650.00 dollars from Md7 itself) to the following local charities:

These items were carefully selected to give local charities what is actually missing from the hands of those in need.

So, while “Giving Back” is one of Md7’s Core Values that does not directly equate to profitability, its value to us and to others knows no bounds.

December 16, 2014
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