Extreme Service

The mobile industry is tough. With only a handful of wireless operators each trying to parlay new customers out of a saturated and demanding marketplace, the business climate is competitive to say the least.  Wireless subscribers want cooler smart phones, more apps, more speed, more bandwidth, and they want it all for a lower monthly price.

Being successful in this kind of environment requires extraordinary effort. So servicing this kind of a client can be a daunting task for the team at Md7 as we work with wireless operators to help them effectively manage and grow their very large portfolios of wireless real estate in a way that’s never been done before.

The explosive demand for wireless data is forcing our clients, the wireless operators, to develop new best practices. When you’re helping people change the way they do business, customer satisfaction is no longer enough. A company must engender customer loyalty to make a difference. It’s not about responding to client needs, but anticipating them and then fixing any problems you encounter along the way. In short, it’s about giving a client more than they expect. In the end, a good deal or great results isn’t enough. At Md7, we call this “extreme service.”

Amazon.com recently introduced Sunday delivery in partnership with the US Postal Service. This is to address the biggest problem with online shopping – the denial of instant gratification. Amazon knows and anticipates the needs of its customers before we even realize they exist. The first reaction of many when they hear about Sunday delivery is “why?” but after trying it a few times it becomes addicting and can streamline a weekend project by eliminating a run to Home Depot or Target.

Because Md7 is seeking to redefine the way cellular communication sites are acquired and managed we must work to earn this same level of confidence with our own clients. We must anticipate our clients needs for faster site acquisition (both outdoor and indoor) at unprecedented volumes and develop new process and tools in anticipation of this challenge. This is Md7’s current extreme service challenge.

November 12, 2014
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