MD7 Unveils New Global Brand and Logo

MD7, a mobile infrastructure consultancy helping operators build a more connected world, unveiled a new corporate brand identity, redesigned logo, and website on Thursday, 15 October, via a live webcast of its virtual brand reveal event. The event included MD7’s 300-plus team members throughout the United States and Europe, simultaneously opening new brand gift boxes filled with MD7 swag.

MD7 orange box with swag for brand reveal

The webcast opened with a welcome speech by MD7 CEO Michael Gianni and a video titled “A Look Back”, both of which celebrated the many achievements of MD7 over the last 17 years and highlighted the strong company culture of building relationships. In his speech, Mr. Gianni noted, “I’m so proud of what MD7 has become and the relationships we hold today. As you hear me say often, what we value most is our relationships and serving others and one another.


Gianni and the executive leadership team then unveiled the new brand to the entire MD7 team, detailing its conception and multi-step development over the last year. Most importantly, company leaders articulated how the new brand elements represent the go-forward strategy and aspirations of MD7 in the future.

MD7 acts as stewards of mobile infrastructure to ensure operators are prepared for every innovation. Further, the company assists operators in strategically managing and advancing their mobile infrastructure’s complex operations, ensuring that they can continue to grow and function in step with mobile technology’s demands.

The new MD7 brand also includes refreshed corporate vision and purpose statements.

MD7’s vision: Unlimited possibilities in a world connected.


MD7’s purpose: To enable our partners to realize the potential of mobile.

The new MD7 wordmark is the combination of graphic elements that morph together into a robust and unified logo. This is a purposeful manifestation of the collection of expertise housed inside MD7 that has become invaluable to its consultancy clients. Thus, the webcast closed with these new MD7 elements transforming digitally into the new MD7 logo and the new website’s launch.

You can see a replay of MD7’s virtual brand reveal event at

The MD7 Story

The proliferation of mobile technology is powering a rapid global transformation, advancing societies to be safer, more sustainable, and more creative. MD7 is on a mission to help connect the world, and in doing so, impact the lives of people and communities. From universal network coverage to IoT devices and beyond, the possibilities for human connection, invention, and solving global challenges are endless.

MD7 exists to help the builders of mobile networks bring those possibilities to life. With a deep understanding of the complexity of mobile infrastructure, the proven ability to execute at scale, and the resolve to tackle any challenge that comes our way, we give operators the freedom to put their time and effort into what matters most.

oktober 20, 2020
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