MD7 Unveils Innovative Dual NACS/CCS Charger at Allen, Texas Headquarters in Partnership with XCharge

Revolutionary Collaboration Showcases a High-Powered EV Charging Solution 

Allen, TX – September 1st, 2023 – MD7, a digital infrastructure consultancy, and XCharge, a manufacturer of high-powered Electric Vehicle charging equipment, partnered to deploy a first-of-its-kind, public access, dual NACS/CCS charger in Allen, Texas. The Allen charger is also the first native NACS (North American Charging Standard) connector capable of 120+kW output in North America. 

There are two EV charging connectors in predominant use today – Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) and Combined Charging Standard 1 (CCS), which Ford, GM, Chrysler, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Porsche released. While both NACS and CCS perform the same task, they utilize different connection ports. Adaptors are available, but they are bulky and often difficult to use. This transformative step comes as states like Texas and Washington mandate that EV charging installations eligible for public funds support NACS and CCS technologies. 

The installation of the XCharge unit in Allen demonstrates MD7’s commitment to providing clients with fast-charging solutions that support both NACS and CCS1 capabilities. Enabling consumer choice and confidence in charging their EVs is pivotal, especially with the recently announced shift towards NACS by major auto manufacturers like Ford, GM, and Rivian.

Reflecting on the significance of this development, Michael Gianni, MD7’s CEO, stated, « Our deployment of a state-of-the-art EV charger at our headquarters symbolizes our commitment to expand our digital infrastructure solutions to the rapidly evolving EV Charging sector. Just as we’ve been a stalwart in serving the mobile infrastructure industry since 2003, we are poised to make impactful contributions to the EV charging industry.«  

Aatish Patel, Head of North American Operations for XCharge, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, « Our C6AM unit represents a pivotal milestone as the first NACS supporting DCFC in America, outside the realm of Superchargers or CHAdeMO pass-through devices.«  

This joint installation between MD7 and XCharge marks a transformative shift in the EV charging domain, promising enhanced convenience, accessibility, and consumer confidence in electric vehicle support infrastructure. 


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septembre 1, 2023
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