MD7 Partners with LNG Electric, powering EV adoption for over 13,000 hotels and apartment complexes

Level 2 and DCFC charging solutions could eventually cover 10-15% of the US hospitality market

ALLENMay 22, 2023 — MD7 announces a strategic alliance with LNG Electric to bolster US EV infrastructure, as outlined in the following press release from LNG. This collaboration will significantly advance the availability and convenience of EV charging stations nationwide.

EV charging provider LNG Electric has announced it is partnering with design firm MD7 to place Level 2 and Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) EV charging stations at over 13,000 hotels and 40+ multi-family communities across the country. The planned installations will make LNG Electric one of the top 3 owner-operators of EV charging stations in the United States.

Beginning this month with a Level 2 charger installation, LNG Electric’s 13,000 chargers will be rolled out over the next five to six years. LNG Electric aims to create a charging network covering 10%-15% of the US hospitality market to tackle range anxiety by making chargers more widely available. And with a growing demand for reduced charge times nationwide, LNG Electric is also moving to meet the need to reduce nationwide charge times by installing more Level 3 charging stations as part of its planned network.

The partnership is the first step LNG Electric is taking to remove one of the primary barriers to EV entry for many: a lack of infrastructure. As they provide power to as many communities as possible, LNG Electric and MD7 hope to make EV charging more widely available and a viable transportation method for hotel guests and apartment renters.

«MD7 is the best at installing connected infrastructure like EV charging stations,» said Taylor Weaver, CEO of LNG Electric. «Their willingness to help us even the playing field and provide charging stations for people at every income level shows just how committed they are to our mission. We want to power the EV grid, no matter where you are.»

«We’re excited to partner with LNG Electric to provide first-class EV charging technology to apartment complexes and hotels, furthering our commitment to environmental sustainability,» said Michael Fraunces, President of MD7. «We support their mission to provide affordable EV grid access to more people than ever before, and we can’t wait for what’s next.»

The first deployments will be at Marriot and Hilton brand hotels in OhioFlorida and Illinois.

About LNG Electric

LNG Electric is a venture-backed, minority-owned hyper-growth technology startup headquartered in Boston, MA. Founded after CEO Taylor Weaver was searching for an EV charging station and ended up in little more than a cornfield, LNG Electric’s mission is to power the grid for all. They offer hotel, multifamily and commercial real estate owners a smart EV charging solution for their communities with low-to-no infrastructure upgrades. Tenants receive real-time data on charging sessions, energy management, and utilization, whether they’re remote or In-person. In addition, they have reliable access to charging stations with or without cellular or garage IT infrastructure. Stay up to date with LNGE’s recent developments at for more information.

About MD7

Founded in 2003, MD7 has deep roots in digital infrastructure and mobile networks and has grown to provide comprehensive expertise to operators worldwide. MD7 understands that digital infrastructure is a valuable asset requiring disciplined management and investment in a rapidly advancing landscape. As the only dedicated global digital infrastructure consultancy, we believe in extreme partnership and a personalized approach to every opportunity. Our team members, working in the service of operators, are driven by integrity, mutual respect, and commitment to delivering for our partners. For more information, visit



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mayo 17, 2023
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