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3D Modeling for 5G Small Cells

5G requires creative thinking and new technologies like 3D modeling for the ultrafast wireless network to become a reality.

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5G is changing the world. Be part of that change.

5G has the power to change the world that we live in but it takes exceptional people to make it happen.

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The Infrastructure Challenges of 5G – Frequency

One of the challenges associated with 5G has to do with radio frequencies, particularly in the US.

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What does 2020 look like for 5G?

2019 was a great year for 5G, and 2020 is shaping up to be even better with the rapid expansion of the faster network.

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Md7 Partners with Overlay to Develop Scout App

Mobile augmented reality for rapid small cell deployments.

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Streamlining Small Cells Entitlements at the State Level

At last week’s Connectivity Expo or “Connect (X)” show in Charlotte, North Carolina, panel moderators and audiences alike asked the tower companies and carriers whether they were looking for intervention by the Federal Communications Commission to help streamline the entitlement process for small cells at the federal level.  It might surprise you to hear that…

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Top Barriers for Small Cells

The United Kingdom based Small Cell Forum recently released their annual Small Cell Market Status Report which included a wealth of statistics and trends about the rapidly evolving deployments of small cells worldwide.  The report included a list of top barriers to small cell deployments as identified through a survey of 78 different mobile network…

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Why do we need small cells? (Updated)

Explaining Small Cells to New Community – Part 2 In an initial post about explaining small cells to a new community, we commented that one should „keep it simple when trying to answer a community’s or jurisdiction’s initial question – What is a small cell?“ Once you have answered that question, the next question that…

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small cells development model illustration

Small Cells Demand a New Deployment Model

Macro cells have gotten the job done for a lot of years, but because we’re using our smart devices for much more than just phone calls these days, the wireless industry is scrambling to increase network capacity. Imagine that the models below depict network coverage in Anytown, USA. The model on the left shows the…

breadbox illustration

Is it bigger than a breadbox?

Just how big is a small cell? There’s a lot of buzz in the industry about the “next big thing,” but one person’s idea of a small cell may be completely different than another’s. When small cells first came on the scene, anything smaller than a giant macro tower was considered “small.” There is no…

small cells in community illustration

Small Cells, Small Cells, Small Cells

It seems like everywhere we turn, all we hear people talking about is small cells in the cellular industry. From conferences to trade shows to online, it’s become the topic of discussion for every facet of the industry. So what’s all the fuss and why all the buzz? With this much conversation it’s become pretty…