The Major Benefits of 5G: Breaking Things Down

This year’s 5G World Summit has come and gone, ushering in a bold new era of wireless technology. A number of the Md7 team members were on hand for the event including Michael Gianni, CEO, John Cahill, VP Business Development, Maxi Kürschner, Head of Business Development MITL, and Mark Christenson, President, International/CTO, among others. While a wide variety of different subjects were discussed, one theme quickly became clear: 5G brings with it a number of innovative benefits that won’t be found anywhere else.

The 5G Era: A Brave New World

For the mobile network operators, 5G requires a number of upgrades to the larger telecom infrastructure that will usher in the Internet of Things, AR/VR, and other advancements that require more bandwidth and processing than previous applications. Much of this is based around the advancement of small cell networks, which are typically connected by fiber optic and are poised to handle massive amounts of data at the fastest speeds available today. 

According to Cradlepoint, the advantages 5G brings to the table include:

  • A 90% reduction in latency;
  • A ten times increase in connection density;
  • A three times increase in spectrum efficiency;
  • A 100 times increase in traffic capacity; and 
  • A 100 times increase in network efficiency.

With these increases in network efficiency, companies of all sizes will be able to deliver paradigm-changing services to their customers. We’re not too far away from an era where «smart cities,» ultra-responsive networks, and unparalleled IoT-powered experiences become the new norm. We can’t get there, however, without this new investment in telecom infrastructure to support that vision of tomorrow today.

octubre 30, 2019
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