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Software Solutions

Solving Wireless Industry Business Needs

The business needs of the wireless industry are unique

Md7 provides innovative solutions to help mobile network operators acquire, upgrade, and manage their network real estate to maximize the value of their assets.

The way we're able to do this on a global scale is through specialized software created specifically for the wireless industry. Our software solutions are our answer to the specific business needs in telecommunications industry.

Md7 Contract Analyzer logo

Better Analytics. Better Decisions.

Contract Analyzer utilizes Md7’s cutting-edge, proprietary rules for machine learning to accurately abstract and categorize key lease provisions in thousands of cell site leases for major wireless operators.

Contract Analyzer has rules ready to deploy in English and German and is capable of quickly expanding to additional languages to accommodate worldwide customer demand for accurate lease data across all Mobile Network Operators.

  • Digitize documents and create an organized and searchable database with accurate metadata.

  • Implement rules to quickly and accurately abstract lease provision data from lease documents in record time.

  • Push captured data into almost any system for utilization and/or analysis.

Md7 LiveTrack logo

Streamline Network Data

LiveTrack was purposefully designed with the complex needs of wireless networks, their providers, and vendors in mind. LiveTrack centralizes multidisciplinary information, milestones, financial data, and documents, providing end-to-end visibility to all stakeholders.

  • Single Interface

    Provides a single interface for all lease data whether stored in LiveTrack or synchronized within key operator systems, simplifying multi-departmental access to key information.

  • Comprehensive Lease Administration

    Through the LiveTrack database or via integration with existing systems, leases are able to be administered by any department—network real estate, finance, legal, third-party vendors, etc.

  • Proactive Landlord Management

    Comprehensive ticketing system tracks and accelerates the resolution of landlord issues and increases efficiency. Can be used in conjunction with existing ticketing systems.

  • Sites On-Air Faster

    Shortens cycle times by providing to stakeholders end-to-end visibility into all phases of the site development process.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Aids experts in all departments by providing to them the immediate, empowering, real-time data and reporting that they want.

  • Better Reporting

    Provides instantaneous reporting to get you the data you want when you want it.


"The project work completed by Md7 is spot on."

Program Manager

A Major European MNO

"Md7 is very helpful because of their understanding of the business needs, not just the project needs."

Procurement Manager

A Major European MNO

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