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Site Development

Macro & Small Cell

A better deployment model.

5G requires operators to develop more sites, in less time and lower costs than ever before. The cost of 5G, combined with penetrations levels in excess of 100%, and an insatiable consumer demand for mobile data, requires operators to change the way they deploy and operate their networks.

Md7 combines local expertise with a standardized process through the use of LiveTrack to deliver high volume; reduce cycle times and costs and better lease terms.

Site Development Services

  • Siting/Candidate Identification

    Rooftops, towers, and utility/light poles in dense urban areas to remote mountaintops. 

  • Leasing

    Experience negotiating new leases and amendments with over 100,000 landlords as well as MLAs.

  • A&E

    • Lease Exhibits
    • Photo Sims
    • Zoning Drawings
    • Construction Drawings
    • As-Built Drawings
    • Tower Mapping
  • Project Management

    LiveTrack tracks, manages, and reports the entire workflow from purchase order to on-air.

  • Zoning and Permitting

    Experience with a variety of municipalities – particularly in challenging areas such as dense urban areas, tourist areas, beach communities, and environmentally sensitive areas.

  • Utility Coordination

    • Utility and Access Easements
    • Fiber to Site
    • Microwave
    • Generator Additions
    • Temporary Solutions

Site Development Insights

"Our projects take six months to a year.  It would take an extra month or two if we had to do these with a competitor of Md7."

Project Manager

A Major US-Based MNO

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