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5G and small cells demand a new deployment model. Operators will require more sites in less time for less money than ever before.

Md7 is ready!

Md7 combines a highly standardized process with local expertise through the use of LiveTrack, our proprietary site development and project management software, to deliver more quickly and efficiently every phase of site development from search rings through construction management.

Our teams have deep experience in the local markets and, combined with our technology, give us an ability to scale and deliver a high volume of daily throughput that reduces cycle times, reduces costs, and also results in quality leases.

Current Challenges

Mobile Network Operators in the 5G era require new deployment methods to effectively manage both the cost and volume of new sites. 

New deployment models must have highly standardized processes as well as the tools and systems necessary to handle this trajectory.

Site Development Services

  • Md7 Icon Site Development – Siting

    Siting/Candidate Identification

    Rooftops, towers, and utility/light poles in dense urban areas to remote mountaintops. 

  • Md7 Icon Site Development – Leasing


    Experience negotiating new leases and amendments with over 100,000 landlords as well as MLAs.

  • Md7 Icon Site Development – A&E


    • Lease Exhibits
    • Photo Sims
    • Zoning Drawings
    • Construction Drawings
    • As-Built
    • Tower Mapping
  • Md7 Icon Site Development – Project Management

    Project Management

    LiveTrack tracks, manages, and reports the entire workflow from PO to on-air.

  • Md7 Icon Site Development – Zoning

    Zoning and Permitting

    Experience with a variety of municipalities across the US and abroad – particularly in challenging areas such as dense urban areas, tourist areas, beach communities, and environmentally sensitive areas.

  • Md7 Icon Site Development – Utilities Fiber

    Utility Coordination

    • Utility and Access Easements
    • Fiber to Site
    • Microwave
    • Generator Additions
    • Temporary Solutions

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"Our projects take six months to a year.  It would take an extra month or two if we had to do these with a competitor of Md7."

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A Major US-Based MNO

"They provide error free packages, which is critical."

Project Manager

A Major US-Based MNO

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