Landlord and Lease Management

Lease Administration for Cell Sites

Md7 Landlord Lease Management LiveTrack

Landlord Hotline & Online Access, Case Tracking & Resolution, and Lease Administration for Cell Sites

Md7 provides landlord management services to wireless operators throughout the world to help manage their cell site properties. The administrative burden is alleviated from the wireless carriers as Md7 becomes the first point of contact for cell-site landlords.

Our landlord management services and call center are designed to proactively manage the relationships directly with thousands of cell site landlords on behalf of the wireless operators.

Md7 makes landlord management efficient through its industry-specific system, LiveTrack, to create cases, manage, and resolve a variety of landlord-related issues.

Landlord and Lease Management

  • Md7 Icon Landlord Management – Lease Admin

    Lease Administration

    • Expirations/Renewals
    • Notices
    • Certificates of Insurance
    • Terminations
    • Utilities Management
    • Access Issues
  • Md7 Icon Landlord Management – Legal & Title

    Legal & Title

    • Abstract Lease Provisions
    • Ownership Verification
    • Entitlement Review
    • Document Creation
  • Md7 Icon Landlord Management – Rent Roll

    Payments & Rent Roll

    • Rent Reconciliaton
    • Payments to Landlords
    • Taxes, Utilities, Co-Location, Maintenance, and Ad Hoc Payments
    • Landlord Invoices Scanned and Uploaded
  • Md7 Icon Landlord Management – Hotline

    Landlord Hotline & Online Access

    • 24/7 Single Point of Contact
    • Unique Toll Free Phone Line for Each Operator
    • Call Reporting and Analysis
  • Md7 Icon Landlord Management – Tracking

    Case Tracking & Resolution

    • Triage Calls and Online Cases
    • Track to Completion
    • Escalation Matrix For:
      • Emergency Issues
      • After Hours
      • Rent Roll/Accounting
      • Other Functional Areas

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