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Solutions to optimize sites across an entire portfolio.

Market saturation, price competition, increased demand for data, and the cost to deploy 5G are forcing mobile network operators to change.

Md7 provides innovative solutions to help operators optimize their entire portfolio of cell sites.



Current Challenges

Operators are facing an unprecedented challenge. The combination of market saturation, competitive pricing competition, increased demand for data, and the cost to deploy 5G is forcing operators to change the way they manage their leases.

Operators need an innovative and systematic approach to optimizing their rent roll and lease terms.

Expense Reduction Services

  • Md7 Icon Site Development – Siting

    Lease Optimization

    • Locked-in long-term rent savings
    • Enhanced long-term expansion rights
    • Long-term site security
  • Md7 Icon Landlord Management – Legal & Title

    Expirations & Renewals

    • Extend expiring leases
    • Improve lease economics rent/escalator
    • Enhanced lease terms
  • Md7 Icon Landlord Management – Rent Roll

    Prepayments / Buyouts

  • Md7 Icon Landlord Management – Tracking

    Improve Lease Terms

    • Expansion rights
    • 24/7 access
    • Automatic term renewals

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