Expense Reduction

Optimize Your Portfolio

Solutions to optimize sites across an entire portfolio.

The up-front capital investment to fully embrace 5G will be enormous.

The operating expenditures to deploy and manage all of these sites will increase – representing a delicate tightrope act that will require new skills and new ways of support in order for the operators to be successful.

When the cost of 5G is combined with penetration levels in excess of 100% and an insatiable consumer demand for mobile data, operators must change the way they deploy and operate their networks.

Md7 provides innovative solutions to optimize entire portfolios of cell sites.

Expense Reduction Solutions

  • Lease Optimization

    • Locked-in long-term rent savings
    • Enhanced long-term expansion rights
    • Long-term site security
  • Expirations & Renewals

    • Extension of expiring leases
    • Improvement of lease economics
    • Enhanced lease terms
  • Prepayments / Buyouts

  • Improve Lease Terms

    • Expansion rights
    • 24/7 access
    • Automatic term renewals

Expense Reduction Insights