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Md7 is the thought leader for maximizing the value of cellular real estate portfolios.

Since 2003, Md7 has continuously developed innovative solutions for communications sites by focusing on and providing value in four areas:

  1. Optimizing the value of cell site portfolios by viewing each site as an asset, not a cost center; 
  2. Streamlining the acquisition and modification of large volumes of cell sites;
  3. Managing the landlord relationships and lease assets for large cell site portfolios; and 
  4. Improving decision-making by proactively tracking, analyzing and managing cell site portfolio data.

Through the combination of our experience and advanced software such as LiveTrack and Contract Analyzer, Md7 has naturally evolved into the global thought leader on maximizing the value of cellular real estate portfolios.  

Current Challenges

5G deployments require operators to develop the largest number of new sites in the history of mobile networks.  This volume will also have to be managed and maintained.  While many of the new 5G sites will be small, they will not be simple. 

The sheer volume of 5G sites demands new deployment and management models as well as the tools and systems to handle this trajectory.  

Consulting Services

  • Md7 icon – Best Practices

    Global Best Practices

    Md7 has worked with and developed innovative solutions to implement best practices for over thirty different operators globally. 

  • Md7 icon – Process Management

    Process Management

    Develop and optimize the processes for deploying and upgrading sites as well as managing entire portfolios.

  • Md7 icon – Portfolio Value

    Maximizing Portfolio Value

    Md7 views every cell site as an asset that needs to be maximized, not just another cost to build and maintain a network. We continuously seek to optimize these assets individually, collectively, and operationally. 

  • Md7 icon – Mergers and Acquisitions Support

    M&A Support

    Abstract, analyze, and evaluate key lease and other cell site data to facilitate integration and consolidation of assets. 

  • Md7 icon – Lease Accounting and Compliance

    Lease Accounting and Compliance

    Abstract, review, and evaluate lease portfolios for financial and accounting compliance and rule changes.

  • Md7 icon – Abstracts and Audits

    Abstracts and Audits

    Cell site lease administration, system and database transitions, data and document integrity, financial and accounting compliance, and termination rights and restrictions.    

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