What does the name “Md7” Mean?

By Tom Leddo
Vice President

We get asked a lot “where did the name Md7 come from?” or “what does the name Md7 mean?”

Well before we answer that question, let’s countdown the top five things that are not related to our company name.

  1. We are not “seven doctors” – That would be “7 MD’s”
  2. We do not manufacture Cosmeceuticals – That’s “MD-7”.
  3. We are not located on Maryland Route 7. – That’s “MD 7”.
  4. We do not manufacture an Ultra Long Excursion High Power Dual 18″ Subwoofer – that is JBL.
  5. We are not “Moorish Delta 7” (aka MD7) – the UK Hip-Hop group from Birmingham, England.

Actually, the name comes from the initials of our Founder and CEO, Michael David Gianni, or MDG. But the “G” was changed to “7” because it is the seventh letter of the alphabet.

Eric LeVine, the graphic artist who also designed our logo came up with the name. Michael and Eric were friends who had taken a number of annual surf trips together along with several other friends that met at San Diego State University.

Michael approached Eric to create a logo and business cards, as he was about to incorporate the company but told him he was still working on the name. Shortly after, Eric sent Michael a draft of the logo. Michael really liked the logo but even he didn’t understand the play on his initials at first. Eric had to explain it to him too.

Quite often we get asked about the meaning of the name “Md7” from new employees on their first day on the job. Aaron Rodrigo, a Project Manager who focuses on the D-A-CH Region of Europe and works in our office in Dublin, Ireland recently emailed Md7’s CEO, Michael Gianni, with the following.

I would like share a funny story with you guys. You know that our office is in the post code area number 7 of Dublin, right? This area has a reputation as a traditional Irish working class neighborhood. We had an induction day recently for our new starters, and one of my questions was what the name “MD7” stands for. I was hinting that it is relating to the name of our CEO, Michael D. Gianni. One of the new guys was instantly saying: “Ah of course, yes that makes total sense”. I was surprised by that confident, quick response, so I asked him to explain himself.

His answer: “Well, it must stand for Michael from Dublin 7”.





October 22, 2015
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