The important role of mobile operators during challenging times

We talk quite often about the power of mobile and how 5G is changing the world. The next generation of wireless communication is fueling growth and innovation across almost every industry and keeping humanity better connected than ever before.

Situations like the one we are experiencing globally show the importance and strength of mobile to sustain us, keep us connected and help foster innovative solutions to overcome unanticipated challenges. The power of technology is on full display right now and second, only to the healthcare industry, mobile communications are at the epicenter of it all.

Every industry is currently being affected either directly or indirectly and many are quickly changing the way they function. “Social distancing” forces an increased reliance on telecommunications and highlights the need we have for robust networks. Companies are moving to remote workforces and leveraging cloud-based applications to conduct daily business. In-person meetings have been replaced with video conferencing and corporate phone systems have moved to the mobile device.

Educational institutions are implementing remote learning and coming up with creative ways for their students to have access to computer devices and internet access. Teachers and educators are leveraging video conferencing tools and mobile apps to stay connected with their students.

Restaurants and food delivery services have found new ways to serve their customers. For these businesses and many others, payment transactions have shifted to mobile and away from credit cards and cash.

The mobile operators are stepping up to the challenge and ensuring vital communications are readily available during a time of unprecedented demand for service. 

At Md7, we believe that our partners at numerous operators across the globe are doing more than they’re given credit for. We come alongside them every day to provide support where they need it, at the times they require it, and in ways that align with what they are already doing. We do this through a variety of services, but our ultimate focus is ensuring the people who develop and maintain the networks the world relies on are successful. 

March 31, 2020
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