Respect for the Individual

By Michael Moskowitz
Human Resources Director

“As long as I am focused on myself, I can’t fully focus either on results or on the people whom I am to be delivering these results.”
Leadership and Self-Deception, page 109

In 2014, every Md7 team member participated in a training program using the book Leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the Box by The Arbinger Institute as a basis for the program. The training highlights one or more of our six company Core Values with ways to integrate them into our life and daily work.

The book is a great reminder that life and work are more enjoyable (and probably more productive and satisfying) when we behave empathetically and demonstrate respect for the people we interact with every day, taking the time and effort necessary to understand their perspectives.

The training program encourages everyone to behave according to the Md7 Core Value of “Respect for the Individual” through identifying, understanding and empathizing with the needs of fellow team members. We recognize that leaders who demonstrate respect for individuals can more effectively influence those individuals to achieve goals. Empathetic leaders facilitate a team environment where members tend to respect each other, leading to greater team communication, productivity and goal achievement. Team members tend to respect others when they are treated respectfully. As the cliché goes, “what goes around comes around.”

Not all people take to this concept immediately and automatically. Our training program points out the benefits, barriers and challenges of demonstrating respect for all individuals – fellow Md7 team members, clients and vendors alike. The training’s goal is to facilitate changes in skill and knowledge which, we have learned, leads to changes in attitudes and behavior. At the conclusion of the training program, all participants are onboard, ready to explore and commit to the Core Value.

Are we done? No. One of Md7’s other six Core Values is “Continuous Improvement,” so we are forever on a journey to seek better days tomorrow.

February 26, 2015
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