Product Review: Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone

by Lynn Whitcher
Associate General Counsel

I spilled my two-year old nephew’s lemonade slushy in my purse during a baseball game recently and, as luck would have it, my cell phone was ruined.  After weeks of trying to get all the gunk out of the buttons and speakers, I finally broke down and got another iPhone.  But then began the odyssey of finding the perfect case.  I had been a loyal Speck customer for years, but the rubber edging had been wearing down pretty quickly on my last few cases and I was tired of replacing it with the same old thing.  I wanted something different.  I wanted something sleek.

Enter, the Tough Armor case by Spigen.  It has a hard polycarbonate outer shell with specially designed shock absorbent corners and shock dispersing interior lining.  The raised bevel edge on the front of the case protects the screen from scratches, without the stretching seen with the Speck.  (I added a screen protector too, sold separately.)  The power and volume button covers are easy to use and very responsive to the touch.  The case is made of high quality materials, so it’s super light (31 grams) and has a slim profile (adding just 4.4 mm in height).  Amazon sells this case for about $19 and offers a video review that does a great job of going over the features.  The case is available in six colors, including champagne gold, silver, white and black.

The Spigen isn’t watertight, so it won’t save me from future lemonade slushy spills.  I do expect it will provide excellent protection at the bottom of my purse or gym bag, and from the inevitable fact that I will drop my phone a few times.  Overall, it’s the perfect balance of function and design – just like the iPhone.

Note: the Spigen Tough Armor case is also available for the newly-announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


September 16, 2014
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