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By Eleanor Snite, Inside Towers

Md7 North America was founded in 2003, and now has operations throughout the United States and in 13 countries in Europe. Tom Leddo, vice president and one of the four founders of Md7, said it was all about the timing. Early in Md7’s launching, cell phone companies were making major acquisitions and Md7 was asked to negotiate leases for literally thousands of sites during a very short time.

“We got good at negotiating,” Leddo said. “Out of the ability to negotiate thousands of leases, we got more business asking us to help build new sites, construction services, zoning, permitting and all that goes with new or existing sites.”

The experience also taught Md7 that the Excel sheets used to manage projects just weren’t the answer. Using their own experience, they developed a custom software system – Live Track. It provides a good workflow and is designed to manage projects for developing and managing every single step and sub-step needed in a project.

Leddo said Md7 has been planning goals for growth in 2016 and forward. One thing is working to increase its presence west of the Rocky Mountains and also in the deep South. The second goal is to significantly increase its ability to broaden the turnkey service. More DAS and engineering services have also been added.

“We also significantly beefed up our construction management division,” Leddo said. “We provide all the services related to the real estate under those towers, getting the towers constructed and getting equipment on the towers.”

Md7 North America, which is headquartered in San Diego, has 17 field offices throughout the country including Austin, Atlanta, Seattle, and Sacramento. It trades on the motto: “Centralized Efficiency, Localized Know-How.” It primarily works with Tier 1 phone companies but has also worked with smaller companies. The company works with 20 carriers in Europe and the European headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland.

Wondering what Md7 means? Leddo gets that a lot and is ready with a response:

  • We are not “seven doctors” – That would be “7 MD’s”.
  • We do not manufacture Cosmeceuticals – That’s “MD-7”.
  • We are not located on Maryland Route 7. – That’s “MD 7”.
  • We do not manufacture an Ultra Long Excursion High Power Dual 18″ Subwoofer – that is JBL.
  • We are not “Moorish Delta 7” (aka MD7) – the UK Hip-Hop group from Birmingham, England.

Leddo continued, “Actually, the name comes from the initials of our Founder and CEO, Michael David Gianni, or MDG. But the “G” was changed to “7” because it is the seventh letter of the alphabet. Eric LeVine, the graphic artist who also designed our logo came up with the name.


April 19, 2016
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