Md7 Partners with Overlay to Develop Scout App


SAN DIEGO, CA, and MENLO PARK, CA – January 23, 2019 – Md7 and Overlay have partnered to develop Scout, a cutting-edge computer vision and mobile augmented reality app, to accelerate the site acquisition and land surveying process for small cells in the wireless industry.  

Scout accelerates the site acquisition process by enabling virtual site walks as well as automating pole measurements and the creation of candidate packages.  It eliminates the need for back office processing of the data gathered in the field because all field data is uploaded from the app and is immediately accessible through a complementary web portal called Base.  Base manages search rings and auto-populates candidate packages and site sketch templates as soon as the field data is uploaded from Scout.

Scout is also designed to accelerate the land surveying process for small cells through the generation of 1A and topographic surveys.  When paired with survey-grade GPS, Scout uses Visual Inertial Odometry to build an accurate 3D scene of the objects and planes around each candidate pole.  This data is also immediately accessible through Base, which auto-generates 1A and topographic surveys in PDF format for review and approval by a licensed surveyor.

Tom Leddo, the Chief Strategy Officer for Md7, noted that “the small cell deployment model requires innovation in every phase, that is why we partnered with Overlay.  We have been working together to develop what we believe will be a disruptively innovative tool to accelerate the deployment of countless small cells over the next three to five years.”  

Overlay CEO Chris Morace said, “For too long deployment of our most critical infrastructure has relied on pushing paper and making phone calls, resulting in more cost and missed deadlines. Overlay uses the latest technology to pull critical data from the corporate office into the field and makes the results of that field work immediately accessible to the extended enterprise.  This technology is transforming the way networks are built.”


Based in San Diego, California, and Dublin, Ireland, Md7 is a network real estate management company serving the telecommunications industry since 2003.  Md7 has provided a variety of site acquisition, lease management, and negotiation services for over thirty operators in twenty different countries and twelve different languages in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Oceania.

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Based in Menlo Park, California, Overlay is the pioneer and leader in the category of Field Intelligence Software.  Overlay brings together GNSS, AR, computer vision, AI, and back office data sets to transform the way our critical infrastructure is deployed, built, and managed.

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January 22, 2019
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