Integrity – Personal and System

We recently asked several of the Md7 team members which of our six Core Values is their favorite.  We got a variety of answers, but the most common was:

“Integrity, because without it none of the other five core values matter.”  

We are proud many of our employees think that way.  

Jeff Krauel, Vice President of Information Technology and the chief architect of LiveTrack™, the workflow system for site development and landlord management at Md7, said Integrity was his favorite Core Value, but for a different reason.  Jeff stated:

“Just as personal integrity is a reflection of an individual, so the integrity of a system (and the data it manages) is reflective of the company.”  

Jeff leads the team that designed, developed and maintains LiveTrack™.  He prefers not to refer to LiveTrack™ as software, because that implies a tool that is rolled-out and updated in versions – 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, etc.  Jeff and the Md7 LiveTrack™ team have built a living system that quickly adapts to the continuously evolving needs of both internal and external users.  

In life, you can rely on people with integrity because you know they are consistent and can be trusted. Similarly, at Md7, our internal and external customers depend on the system integrity of LiveTrack™ to provide them with consistent information to make quick and accurate decisions.  

In other words, integrity provides consistency; which makes things predictable, reliable and trustworthy.  

Or as Jeff likes to say, we strive to “get the right information, to the right people, at the right time to enable them to make the right decision.”  

July 17, 2018
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