Growing as Fast As Your Network

Md7 serves 25 different carriers in thirteen different countries on four different continents in ten different languages. We of course also serve the supporting OEMs, tower companies and other organizations that also operate within the wireless industry.

Md7 supports these operations from our North American headquarters in San Diego and our European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland as well as 27 additional regional, and field/project offices across the USA, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

2015 was a year of rapid growth for Md7 and that trend continues as we approach the end of the first quarter of 2016.

Md7 2016 Reach Map

In the last fifteen months we have expanded our effort to offer turnkey site development with the addition of DAS, engineering and construction management services. We have localized our operations through the acquisition of Lexcom Development Corp in Seattle, Portland and Sacramento as well as opening regional offices in Austin and Atlanta and field/project offices directly in our key markets. Internationally, within the last six months, Md7 International Telecommunications Limited (MITL) commenced operations in Cairo, Egypt and launched LTE upgrade projects in the Netherlands and Germany in addition to formalizing relationships with local expertise that we can leverage on-demand.

Md7 2016 Reach Europe Map

The wireless industry is going through major changes. The proverbial hockey-stick growth in demand for data, increased price competition and penetration of over 100% is creating the need for more cell sites that are deployed better, faster and cheaper (BFC) than ever before. Although conventional wisdom has always suggested that a company must choose two of those at the expense of the third, we believe our innovative processes and tools offer a no-compromise solution that allow our customers to tick all three boxes.

Md7 is committed to continue to evolve and grow at the pace of wireless worldwide.

March 17, 2016
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