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The cost of 5G in Europe

The potential benefits of 5G are enormous, but so are the costs MNOs are facing for rollout.

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Md7 Helps Get Sabotaged Dutch Cell Sites Back On-Air

Several arson attacks have occurred across Europe targeting cellular antenna masts in the U.K. as well as Netherlands and Belgium.

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Mobile networks holding strong with increased usage

Despite increased demand during this time, wireless networks are holding remarkably well.

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The important role of mobile operators during challenging times

Situations like the one we are experiencing globally show the importance and strength of mobile to sustain us, keep us connected and help foster innovative solutions to overcome unanticipated challenges.

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3D Modeling for 5G Small Cells

5G requires creative thinking and new technologies like 3D modeling for the ultrafast wireless network to become a reality.

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5G is changing the world. Be part of that change.

5G has the power to change the world that we live in but it takes exceptional people to make it happen.

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The Infrastructure Challenges of 5G – Frequency

One of the challenges associated with 5G has to do with radio frequencies, particularly in the US.

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What does 2020 look like for 5G?

2019 was a great year for 5G, and 2020 is shaping up to be even better with the rapid expansion of the faster network.

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Small Cell on Light Pole

Why Small Cells Matter

In an era where roughly 77% of adults in the United States now own a smartphone, to say that network capacity is critical is something of an understatement. This is before you begin to think about the Internet of Things and the impending data explosion that it’s about to bring with it – there will…

Md7 Rubik Cube Solving the Small Cell Puzzle

Solving the Small Cell Puzzle

By Brian Mackey, Md7 Land Use Your RF engineer wants a small cell on this utility pole. Your construction manager prefers that streetlight pole. The City Planner says neither pole is acceptable and asks you to move the site 1/4 mile down the road, away from nearby houses. How do you please everyone? Our Land…

Small cell on light pole

Explaining Small Cells to a New Community

Answering the simple question, “what is a small cell?” can get complicated.  Do not let this happen when you are approaching a new community or municipality with a small cell zoning request.   If you ask an RF engineer, “what is a small cell?” you may get an equally complex, but very different answer than…

Small Cell site on lightpole

Snapshot of the Small Cell Market – Jurisdictions

Most in the industry tend to picture small cells as an “easier project,” due to the nature of the technology and build. It is logical, as typically, small cells commonly consist of few smaller antennas and RRUs, that are placed on either a light pole or utility pole in the public ROW, or possibly concealed…

Md7 White logo on Orange Background

Scaling Small Cells One Community at a Time

Small cells are still new to most communities, and each community must go up its own learning curve and develop its deployment guidelines. No two cities are the same, and each must make its own decisions. A recent article in RCR Wireless News highlights some challenges faced on a Verizon deployment in Palo Alto, California.…

Md7 White logo on Orange Background

Small Cells and Gartner’s Hype Curve

The Current State of Small Cells After much ado, it appears that small cells are finally beginning to be deployed in earnest. The wireless industry has been talking about mass densification and exponential increase in the number of sites via small cells for the last few years. Now it appears the trucks are beginning to…