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The cost of 5G in Europe

The potential benefits of 5G are enormous, but so are the costs MNOs are facing for rollout.

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Md7 Helps Get Sabotaged Dutch Cell Sites Back On-Air

Several arson attacks have occurred across Europe targeting cellular antenna masts in the U.K. as well as Netherlands and Belgium.

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Mobile networks holding strong with increased usage

Despite increased demand during this time, wireless networks are holding remarkably well.

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The important role of mobile operators during challenging times

Situations like the one we are experiencing globally show the importance and strength of mobile to sustain us, keep us connected and help foster innovative solutions to overcome unanticipated challenges.

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3D Modeling for 5G Small Cells

5G requires creative thinking and new technologies like 3D modeling for the ultrafast wireless network to become a reality.

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5G is changing the world. Be part of that change.

5G has the power to change the world that we live in but it takes exceptional people to make it happen.

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The Infrastructure Challenges of 5G – Frequency

One of the challenges associated with 5G has to do with radio frequencies, particularly in the US.

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What does 2020 look like for 5G?

2019 was a great year for 5G, and 2020 is shaping up to be even better with the rapid expansion of the faster network.

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2019: The Year of 5G Has Finally Arrived

With 2019 coming to a close soon, it’s safe to say it’s the year of 5G.

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The Major Benefits of 5G: Breaking Things Down

5G brings a number of innovative benefits that won’t be found anywhere else.

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The 5G Era is Here

How to balance the cost and growth, but also the sheer number of sites.


5G Summit Event Recap

The key takeaways from the 5G Summit in London in June.


Join Md7 at 5G World Summit in London

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Join Md7 at the Wireless West Conference

This year’s Wireless West Conference is a must attend.

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Md7 Partners with Overlay to Develop Scout App

Mobile augmented reality for rapid small cell deployments.

Streamlining Small Cells Entitlements at the State Level

Streamlining Small Cells Entitlements at the State Level

At last week’s Connectivity Expo or “Connect (X)” show in Charlotte, North Carolina, panel moderators and audiences alike asked the tower companies and carriers whether they were looking for intervention by the Federal Communications Commission to help streamline the entitlement process for small cells at the federal level.  It might surprise you to hear that…