Top 10 Interesting Facts About MD7 in 2020

2020 presented many unique challenges that impacted the entire world. Despite the rollercoaster of a year everyone faced, we wanted to take a moment to reflect with gratitude for the several milestones that the MD7 team achieved despite these challenges. None of these accomplishments would have been possible without all the MD7 team members’ dedication and commitment. 

As noted by Michael Gianni, MD7 CEO, “We successfully transitioned all of our team members in both US and Europe to remote work with no real disruptions to our operations or productivity. We achieved, and in many cases, exceeded, our internal targets as well as those of our customers. I’m incredibly proud of the MD7 team members across the globe for their resilience and their commitment to our culture and clients.” 


So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Interesting Facts about MD7 in 2020:

  1. MD7 responded early to COVID-19 by transitioning over 300 employees globally to remote work. This was accomplished without negative impact to our employees, our client’s production or service quality. Video conferencing actually helped many employees connect more than they had done before. The transition also forced us to rethink our workflow, which resulted in significantly increased efficiencies across the company.
  2. MD7 negotiated over 4,000 fully executed lease amendments this past year. These Management and Development projects optimized lease terms, renewed expiring leases, and provided necessary expansion rights for modifications and upgrades to our clients as they work tirelessly to enhance mobile networks globally. 
  3. The MD7 Land Use department maintained a forecasting accuracy of 95% for Zoning and Permitting approvals, which enabled operators to schedule equipment delivery, construction, and installation services with a high degree of confidence.
  4. MD7 International opened its fourth office in Europe. After working in Spain successfully for many years, MD7 expanded its footprint with an office in Spain’s tallest building, the Torre de Cristal (Spanish for Glass Tower), located in Madrid.
  5. MD7 International processed over 4,000 lease agreements and handled over 11,000 landlord interactions through our multiple Management centers across Europe. 
  6. Contract Analyzer has empowered MD7 to provide Insights for more than 125,000 network real estate documents across multiple languages, including 22,000 lease agreements reviewed by MD7 International in 2020.
  7. The MD7 Small Cell Team reduced the average cycle time from candidate identification to construction/installation by 60% across 760 nodes, enabling operators to get sites on-air faster. 
  8. MD7 revealed its new brand through a virtual event, simultaneously webcast to all US and European employees. Founded in 2003, MD7 has deep roots in mobile networks and has grown to provide operators with comprehensive expertise throughout the world. We understand mobile infrastructure is a valuable asset requiring disciplined management and investment in a rapidly advancing landscape.  MD7 rebranded in 2020 to reflect the growth and changes over the last 17 years and better position ourselves for 5G and beyond. 
  9. MD7 provided Consulting services for the largest M&A event in wireless telecom in 2020.
  10. The MD7 team closed out the year with a focus on our Core Value of Giving Back. In the US, a Virtual Toy Drive provided toys and hope for less-fortunate children in Southern California. In Europe, MD7 employees donated 77K EUR to various charities across the region.

enero 12, 2021
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