Mobile networks holding strong with increased usage

When major gatherings happen around the world, such as sporting events, concerts, conferences, and conventions, it’s natural to see a short-time spike in wireless usage. Most of the time, these spikes are isolated to one specific geographical area around the event taking place. But what about during a major global challenge like the one we’re currently facing?

During this challenging time, many businesses have moved to a remote workforce and educational institutions have rolled out remote learning for their students. Payment transactions have shifted to mobile and away from credit cards and cash. Families are staying connected with loved ones through voice and mobile video apps. The power of mobile is being flexed right now around the globe.

Since early March, cellular network traffic has increased between 10 and 20%. With social distancing encouraged and many functions being shifted to online, increased demand is evident in areas during daylight hours which typically would see decreased usage as people move into bustling cities for work.

Despite the increased demand and the change in usage patterns, the wireless networks are holding up remarkably well. The networks have been designed by mobile operators to handle constantly increasing peak traffic loads. The FCC reported that “no providers expressed concern about their networks’ ability to hold up to increased and changing demand. … There was strong confidence in how well the network backbone was meeting the needs of increased demand.” Even with spikes in new customers signing up, along with a surge in voice and data used, the networks remain stable and available thanks in large to the hard work and dedication of the entire wireless industry.

With the rollout of 5G, mobile operators have already begun upgrading their backhaul networks for the increase in data consumption that the new network will bring. The continued infrastructure investments will continue to ensure vital communications are readily available for more users than ever before. 5G and the promise of higher speed and ultra-low latency will help usher in an era of innovations and transformations in every industry, including healthcare. 

At Md7, we’re incredibly proud of our partners around the globe and believe that right now, they’re doing far more than they’re even being given credit for. Regardless of how this or any other global event continues to play out, it’s clear that they’re working hard to maintain vital services and align their efforts to the needs of the people. We stand alongside them every day to ensure the networks the world relies on are successful.

abril 15, 2020
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