MD7 Initiates Landlord Management for Vodafone Germany

San Diego, CA – August 21, 2018. Md7 announces that it has initiated landlord management services for Vodafone Germany.  

Md7 has established a landlord hotline and call center in Düsseldorf to manage the relationships with over thirty-thousand cell site and radio base station landlords across Germany for Vodafone. In addition, Md7 provides additional support from its European HQ in Dublin. Md7 uses its industry-specific system, LiveTrack, to create cases and manage a variety of landlord-related issues.

A centralized operation, combined with visibility and transparency into sites and projects, advances the management efficiency and strategic oversight of the mobile network real estate assets, as well as providing improved interaction for the different functional groups and outside vendors.

This is the second landlord management operation established by Md7. In 2016 Md7 began providing landlord management services for Vodafone in the Netherlands from its office in Maastricht.  

“While often overshadowed by advancements in wireless networks and handsets, the underlying cell site lease between each Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and its thousands of landlords is a critical component of every wireless network” said Michael Gianni, Md7 Chairman and CEO.  “Md7 is pleased to assist the MNOs in transforming a traditional cost-center into a proactively managed and optimized real estate portfolio.”


Based in San Diego, California, and Dublin, Ireland; Md7 is a turnkey site development and real estate management company serving the telecommunications industry since 2003.  Md7 has provided a variety of site acquisition, lease management, and negotiation services for over thirty operators in eighteen different countries and twelve different languages in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Oceana.

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agosto 21, 2018
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