Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Telecom: MD7’s Lynn Whitcher Hosts New DEI Series with AGL Media

MD7 and the telecommunications sector are experiencing a rapid period of growth as the world enacts plans to expand and improve wireless networks, increasing 4G/LTE access and rolling out 5G. However, as we move forward, it’s critical we don’t leave anyone behind. At MD7, we believe that in order to be successful at building the networks of the future and solving the challenges of the digital divide, we need to leverage the full talents of a diverse and inclusive workforce and we are incredibly proud to be part of a sector that feels similarly.

Recently, our General Counsel, Lynn Whitcher, was selected as the host of AGL Media’s new Diversity, Equity & Inclusion series, where she interviews diverse leaders from across the sector on topics such as making the industry more accessible to the next generation of young leaders, narrowing the digital divide and ensuring fair access to broadband. 

In her role as host for AGL’s new series and on diversity in the telecom sector, Lynn says: “Qualitative and quantitative data shows that a more diverse workforce positively impacts an organization’s bottom line. While there are certainly more diverse leaders in wireless now than when I first started in the industry, we are still a significantly underrepresented part of the workforce. It’s clear we have more work to do, and I’m excited to highlight the work of diverse leaders across the sector from infrastructure and construction to legal and compliance to network engineering and other functions.”

We’re proud at MD7 to not only be a part of the solution in building a world connected, but also to be employing an equal, equitable, and inclusive workforce that is set to speed up and deliver innovation for our future.

To learn more about Lynn or her work with AGL, follow the links below: 

To hear from Lynn in her own words, about DEI efforts across the wireless sector, her role as a female General Counsel in telecom, and how to invest in a more equitable future for the industry, click below: 

junio 2, 2021
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