Building a More Connected Company

At MD7, our Core Values of Continuous Improvement, Extreme Service, Integrity, Balanced Life, Respect for the Individual, and Giving Back drive our culture, and our culture drives our growth. We have had a banner year thus far, and an incredible last 18 months. I personally appreciate each of you. You give this company your best and make us collectively more efficient, smarter, and more impressive each day. Building a more connected world starts with building a more connected company. Let’s take a moment to reflect on how much we, as a team, have accomplished together:

  • Named as a 2022 Top Workplaces by Energage for two consecutive years
  • Opened our new corporate headquarters in Allen, Texas
  • Opened our international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland
  • Opened a new office in Hanover, Germany
  • Helped spearhead the Mobile World Congress Barcelona International Tower & Fibre Panel
  • Entered into the EV Charging Space in North America and Europe
  • Achieved our 2022 Carbon Neutral Certificate in Europe for the second consecutive year
  • Hired a new Chief Technology Officer
  • Identified as HR and environmental experts to speak at the Wireless Industry Association Connect (X) conference on three panels covering ESG topics
  • Awarded the Allen Economic Development Council’s 2021 Top Office Relocation
  • Donated more than $6,000 in aid to Ukraine refugee relief efforts – employee driven and initiated
  • Started the Autonomous Vehicle Panel at Wireless West Conference
  • Recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Central Plains Finalist

These achievements cannot be credited to one individual, one department, or even one office. They are a result of the sweat, the persistence, and the heart from each of you throughout our six offices across the globe. Thank you!

Today we are looking at “mobile” as a more comprehensive word than just wireless networks. We work on three methods of mobile connectivity. Wireless networks help to connect people virtually, and EV charging networks help to connect people physically. In addition, we are helping to deploy satellite earth stations across the globe to take us even further into the future of physical and virtual connectivity. As these deployments continue to explode, we are thrilled to be involved in all realms of connectivity.

While we blaze new informational and physical trails in the air, on the ground, and throughout space, we stay connected internally by communicating clearly and often. Through team huddles, unhindered topics, diversity lunches, and an open-door policy, we continue to build relationships with each other. We work together to discover efficiencies and synergies between these three parallel networks as we develop the optimum answers to problems that haven’t yet materialized. How do I know? Because that is what we have been doing for nearly two decades. The entire MD7 team across the globe continues to succeed time and time again, just as we have done since 2003.

junio 28, 2022
Michael Gianni MD7 Chairman and CEO Bio