DAS and Small Cell

Wireless operators need to continue to densify their networks and get closer to their customers. Thus the need for both DAS and small cells will continue to increase. Md7 has assembled a team of professionals with experience in deploying DAS and small cell systems in large venues, campuses, airports, hospitals and pole attachments in critical areas in the USA and Europe.



Siting / Candidate Identification:

Geo/Polygon and targeted node locations

Municipalities, Utilities, Pole Authorities, Private

Quality site options, Cycle time/deployment focus

Attachment rights/leases; Zoning; Permitting

RF Design:

Benchmark testing

Solution Engineering and Design:

Site Surveys

A&E Services

Utilities Coordination

Deployment / Construction Management


ODAS/ Small Cell:

Beach / Resort Communities: 200+ Nodes

Suburban Communities: 150+ Nodes

Dense Urban / Central Business District: 250+ Nodes

Large Venue (IDAS & ODAS):

Stadiums: 11


University Campus: 4

Airport: 6

Commercial/Hospital: 18

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