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The Infrastructure Challenges of 5G – Frequency

One of the challenges associated with 5G has to do with radio frequencies, particularly in the US.

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Md7 celebrates 15 years in business

Md7 celebrates 15 years in business

This month Md7 is celebrating 15 years in business. In January 2003, Michael Gianni created Md7 after spending much of 2002 traveling and speaking with his friends and acquaintances in wireless about the future of the industry. As noted in a prior Md7 blog post, Michael began to see two themes emerge:   OpEx was…

Small cell on light pole

Explaining Small Cells to a New Community

Answering the simple question, “what is a small cell?” can get complicated.  Do not let this happen when you are approaching a new community or municipality with a small cell zoning request.   If you ask an RF engineer, “what is a small cell?” you may get an equally complex, but very different answer than…

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Snapshot of the Small Cell Market – Jurisdictions

Most in the industry tend to picture small cells as an “easier project,” due to the nature of the technology and build. It is logical, as typically, small cells commonly consist of few smaller antennas and RRUs, that are placed on either a light pole or utility pole in the public ROW, or possibly concealed…

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Five Things You Need to Eliminate Deployment Calls

To eliminate deployment calls you need five things. Realistic forecasting. Proper forecasting is the foundation for a successful implementation. Without it, the project will spin out of control. Be realistic upfront, and it will go much smoother. A well-defined and mutually agreed deployment process. A defined process allows everyone to know where we are going…

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Scaling Small Cells One Community at a Time

Small cells are still new to most communities, and each community must go up its own learning curve and develop its deployment guidelines. No two cities are the same, and each must make its own decisions. A recent article in RCR Wireless News highlights some challenges faced on a Verizon deployment in Palo Alto, California.…

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Best Practices for Small Cell Design

When viewed through the lens of our rapidly advancing industry, the implementation of small cell installations is nothing new. But, in the red tape laden world of local government zoning, small cell deployments are still relatively novel. As such, a substantial majority of jurisdictions across the U.S. have yet to establish any standards for small…

Wireless West Conference San Diego, CA 2017

Join Md7 at Wireless West 2017

Next month marks the second annual Wireless West Conference, which will be be held April 19 – 20, 2017 at the newly renovated Marriott Marquis & Marina in San Diego, California.  Md7 will be sponsoring the opening night networking social.  We hope to see you there! Wireless West is hosted by five west coast wireless…

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Md7 Relocates Office in Portland, Oregon

By Sean Maddox, Project Manager Portland, Oregon.  Md7 LLC announces the relocation of its Portland operations. The new office is located at 6645 NE 78th Court, Suite C4. Christine Bradford, Md7 Project Manager, notes that “the new office location provides us with a professional appearance and is near our clients’ offices.  The environment allows for the…

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Outward Mindset

By Michael Moskowitz, Director of Human Resources At Md7 we encourage employees to embrace a set of 6 Core Values – Integrity, Extreme Service, Continuous Improvement, Respect for the Individual, Giving Back and Balanced Life – because we believe that by doing so, we are supporting beliefs that result in an organization of happier, healthier…