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What does 2020 look like for 5G?

2019 was a great year for 5G, and 2020 is shaping up to be even better with the rapid expansion of the faster network.

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Church Mission Trip Funded with Md7 Cash Payment

A non-denominational church in Lewisville, Texas was committed to a new major undertaking – sending a team of members on a year-long international mission. Md7 was asked to provide a cash prepayment. The church netted $100,800 in cash, which funded the entire mission project.

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Why Carriers are Retaining Real Estate Asset Managers

Commercial Investment Real Estate “It’s time for American corporations to take a closer look at their real estate portfolios.” A reevaluation of the way corporations handle their real estate is especially important in light of the anticipated growth in buying and selling, says a recent Coldwell Banker Commercial/National Real Estate Investor corporate real estate survey…

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Noted Telecom Industry Executive Joins Md7 Advisory Board

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwire – December 2, 2009) – Md7, a pioneer in real estate asset management for the wireless telecommunications industry, named Dion Joannou, previously Chief Strategy Officer and President of Nortel Networks of North America, to its Advisory Board. Joannou’s appointment as the Advisory Board’s inaugural member marks Md7’s commitment to take a leadership…

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Md7 Helps Lift the Spirit of Church Leaders with Rent Guarantee

The Catholic Diocese of a city in Alabama recently worked with Md7 to obtain a rent guarantee for a local parish cell site. Church leaders did not want the state of the economy to compromise their outreach efforts, so it was a valuable benefit to guarantee their cell site income for 10 years. As they were…

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Realizing the Value of a Guarantee from a National Credit Tenant

One Del Rio, Texas tower landlord was happy to receive a ten-year rent guarantee on both of his cellular towers. Even though the towers were built in 2004 and are the only towers in the area, he saw the benefit of receiving a guaranteed commitment from a national credit tenant. The landlord was appreciative of…

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500 Percent Penetration

Why More Cell Sites Aren’t Necessarily Better for Landlords In his address at the CTIA Wireless 2009 conven­tion regarding the future of the wire­less industry, Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg made a compel­ling case that “500 percent pen­etration is not only possible, it’s probable.” Imagine a day when you not only own a smart phone, but…

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YMCA Funds Scholarships with Cash from Md7

An inner city YMCA in Texas did not want to risk the loss of its wireless tower lease; the money was too important to this charitable organization. By executing a cell tower lease assignment with Md7, the YMCA received over $40,000 in cash, which it used to establish needed scholarship and outreach programs for underprivileged…

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Cell Phones Are Like Hamburgers

Whether or not you are a McDonald’s restaurant fan, there is no denying that the foodservice retailer has one of the most successful business models ever conceived — and not for the reasons you think. When McDonald’s Corporation founder Ray Kroc asked a group of business students what business he was in and they replied…

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Lease Prepayment Puts Real Estate Investor On Firm Ground

A Houston real estate investor realized the full value of his monopole cell site when he received an upfront, cash prepayment for a lease assignment he arranged with Md7. He converted monthly rental income that offered limited entrepreneurial potential into a funding source that could significantly impact his business. Given his business plan, having the…