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The cost of 5G in Europe

The potential benefits of 5G are enormous, but so are the costs MNOs are facing for rollout.

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High Credit Tenants Are Money in the Bank – Literally

A recent New York Journal article overviewed top issues affecting office leasing, which included negotiating tenant improvements, guarantees, building services and default remedies, noting that “of critical importance to landlords is who the tenant is, what its creditworthiness is and what credit support is provided.” Given the level of maintenance required to satisfy most tenant…

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Md7 Launches New Website That Shows Both Cellular Operators and Cell Site Landlords How to Love Their Lease

SAN DIEGO, CA — (PRWeb – April 5, 2010) – Cell site real estate expert Md7 has launched a new website that features strategies that can help both cellular operators and cell site landlords to get the most value from their cell site leases. A pioneer in real estate asset management for the wireless industry, Md7…

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CommNexus Strengthens Industry Influence: Elects Ten New Board Directors

SAN DIEGO, CA — (CommNexus, March 5, 2010) – Continuing to build on their mission to accelerate the success of technology companies in San Diego, CommNexus announces the election of ten new members to its Board of Directors. Encompassing growing industry sectors such as energy, smart grid and wireless health, the organization positions itself to…

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Md7 Earns High Praise From Church Leaders

A church in Eugene was contacted by a third-party group interested in purchasing the lease agreement that provided cell site income to the nonprofit. Because the caller was not an operator-authorized agent, the church was concerned that any agreement made would compromise their relationship with the service provider. The church contacted the operator directly to…

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Antenna on Fire Station Roof Converted to Fire Truck in the Station

A one-fire truck town in Iowa needed to add a second vehicle at a cost of $250,000. The plan was to put a sales tax increase on the ballot. If it passed, tax proceeds plus the income from the cell tower on the station roof would be used to fund the new fire truck. City…

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Church Mission Trip Funded with Md7 Cash Payment

A non-denominational church in Lewisville, Texas was committed to a new major undertaking – sending a team of members on a year-long international mission. Md7 was asked to provide a cash prepayment. The church netted $100,800 in cash, which funded the entire mission project.

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Why Carriers are Retaining Real Estate Asset Managers

Commercial Investment Real Estate “It’s time for American corporations to take a closer look at their real estate portfolios.” A reevaluation of the way corporations handle their real estate is especially important in light of the anticipated growth in buying and selling, says a recent Coldwell Banker Commercial/National Real Estate Investor corporate real estate survey…

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Noted Telecom Industry Executive Joins Md7 Advisory Board

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwire – December 2, 2009) – Md7, a pioneer in real estate asset management for the wireless telecommunications industry, named Dion Joannou, previously Chief Strategy Officer and President of Nortel Networks of North America, to its Advisory Board. Joannou’s appointment as the Advisory Board’s inaugural member marks Md7’s commitment to take a leadership…

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Md7 Helps Lift the Spirit of Church Leaders with Rent Guarantee

The Catholic Diocese of a city in Alabama recently worked with Md7 to obtain a rent guarantee for a local parish cell site. Church leaders did not want the state of the economy to compromise their outreach efforts, so it was a valuable benefit to guarantee their cell site income for 10 years. As they were…