While recently scrolling through my LinkedIn Newsfeed, I noticed that a long time friend and industry colleague Chris Hillabrandt, had “Liked” a key article – “Krispy Kreme doughnuts are coming to Ireland.” I think that Chris and his family who moved a little over a year ago to Europe from Texas would agree – Yes! This is key.


If you have ever eaten a Krispy Kreme doughnut, then you understand.

In college my friends and I would take late night study breaks to Krispy Kreme. If we timed it right, the “Hot Now” sign was flashing in the window and nirvana was achieved as we savored warm glazed doughnuts and drank soda from Styrofoam cups filled with inexplicably delicious ice pellets.

Ever since Michael Gianni and Mark Christenson opened the first Md7 office in Europe in August of 2007, Md7 team members have been sharing ideas, information and culture between our US and European operations. IMHO – this is the best one yet!

According to the article, the closest of the two potential locations for a future Krispy Kreme in Dublin is near the Liffy Valley Shopping Centre which is about 17 minutes from the Md7 office at The Capel Building in Dublin 7. That is a short distance to travel for warm, sugar-glazed bliss.