Category: Success Stories

Cell Phone Tower Helps Fund New Supermarket

supermarketA small Texas town was in need of a market as the closest was 20 minutes away. Thanks to a carrier’s $157,000 lease prepayment for a water tower cell site that Md7 negotiated with the city, there’s now a new grocery store in town. The city used the upfront cash to retrofit an abandoned store, which attracted a quality grocery chain to take up residence. The prepayment was an opportunity to give the city a downtown facelift and provide residents with a much-needed service without spending taxpayer dollars.

No Better Investment than a College Education

educationTexas A&M University is Texas’ first public institution of higher learning, opening in 1876. It is one of a select few academic institutions in the nation to hold federal triple designation as a Land-Grant, Sea-Grant and Space-Grant university. Many Texas children aspire to attend A&M, as did the child of one wireless tower lease holder. A $30,000 cash prepayment from Md7 was used to provide a major portion of the college costs.

Rent Guarantee Saves Teachers’ Job

5046Like many other schools in the United States, a school in Chicago, IL was facing a budget crisis. The principal was worried they were going to have to lay off teachers. However, Md7 was able to help the school. Working with the wireless operator, Md7 put together a rent guarantee that provided the school with the funds necessary to budget for the teachers’ salaries for the next ten years.

Real Estate Investor Uses Cash from Cell Tower Lease to Buy More Property

apartmentsReal estate fortunes are often made by leveraging current investments to purchase additional properties. One independent real estate investor received monthly income from a cell tower on a three-story office building just outside of Dallas. He found a great opportunity in an apartment building that was for sale in Salt Lake City. However, the investor’s bank wouldn’t provide a loan on the wireless tower lease because of the early termination clause in the contract. Md7 provided the prepayment cash of $125,000 for a down payment on the new property, allowing the investor to close the deal and expand his real estate holdings.

Md7 Earns High Praise From Church Leaders

A church in Eugene was contacted by a third-party group interested in purchasing the lease agreement that provided cell site income to the nonprofit. Because the caller was not an operator-authorized agent, the church was concerned that any agreement made would compromise their relationship with the service provider. The church contacted the operator directly to discuss the proposal and was immediately referred to Md7. As the authorized agent of the operator, we were able to review the original lease, educate the church about their options and arrange for a timely lease prepayment. The church praised our high level of customer service, noting that our communication, follow-through and integrity gave them total confidence. As a nonprofit, the funding the church received is tax free and available to finance ongoing church programs.

Antenna on Fire Station Roof Converted to Fire Truck in the Station

Pasted-Graphic-5A one-fire truck town in Iowa needed to add a second vehicle at a cost of $250,000. The plan was to put a sales tax increase on the ballot. If it passed, tax proceeds plus the income from the cell tower on the station roof would be used to fund the new fire truck. City officials were concerned about the risk associated with financing a vehicle with a cell tower site lease that could be cancelled by the carrier, and the tax increase was not a popular option. Md7 was able to provide $125,000 cash up-front, funding the new fire truck without raising taxes or taking a financial risk. There are now two fire trucks in the town.

Church Mission Trip Funded with Md7 Cash Payment

crossA non-denominational church in Lewisville, Texas was committed to a new major undertaking – sending a team of members on a year-long international mission. Md7 was asked to provide a cash prepayment. The church netted $100,800 in cash, which funded the entire mission project.

Md7 Helps Lift the Spirit of Church Leaders with Rent Guarantee

stainedglassThe Catholic Diocese of a city in Alabama recently worked with Md7 to obtain a rent guarantee for a local parish cell site. Church leaders did not want the state of the economy to compromise their outreach efforts, so it was a valuable benefit to guarantee their cell site income for 10 years. As they were inexperienced in handling the details of this kind of transactions, the Diocese sung Md7’s praises when our lease consultant epitomized patience and a positive spirit as he courteously and confidently led them through a smooth transaction.

Realizing the Value of a Guarantee from a National Credit Tenant

towerOne Del Rio, Texas tower landlord was happy to receive a ten-year rent guarantee on both of his cellular towers. Even though the towers were built in 2004 and are the only towers in the area, he saw the benefit of receiving a guaranteed commitment from a national credit tenant. The landlord was appreciative of Md7’s efforts to negotiate this guarantee.

YMCA Funds Scholarships with Cash from Md7

ymcaAn inner city YMCA in Texas did not want to risk the loss of its wireless tower lease; the money was too important to this charitable organization. By executing a cell tower lease assignment with Md7, the YMCA received over $40,000 in cash, which it used to establish needed scholarship and outreach programs for underprivileged children in its area.