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FCC Rule Changes Stir-up Dust

April 9, 2018

To be candid, I typically find panels that discuss regulatory updates at wireless conferences a bit dry.  However, I attended a good one two weeks ago at the South Wireless Summit in Nashville, Tennessee that discussed recent rule changes by the FCC.  The panel consisted of Marvin Webster of ECA, Woo Lim of Terracon and…

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WATTPAD – Deep Gratitude from a Parent

January 26, 2017

By Michele Brod, Md7 Lease Consultant As a parent, I’m keenly interested in the apps my children use on their phones. Mostly, I monitor that the app is age appropriate (and how much cellular data it consumes). Online reading apps have been a life and budget saver, as my twin 13 year old girls are…

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I've been in the field since 2003 and I have to say you rank up there with the best. You have been patient, accomodating, knowledgable and responsive to all of my questions. You walked into quite a mess in Saluda County and I honestly can't imagine getting through all of these projects with any other group.


Mid-Atlantic Director of The Center for Municipal Solutions

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