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Md7 Sponsors Opening Reception for Wireless West 2017

Md7 invites you to join us in San Diego, California on April 19, 2017, as we sponsor the opening night networking social of the Wireless West Conference.

Md7 is excited to support the efforts of this amazing conference, which in its inaugural debut last year brought together over 500 wireless professionals from all corners of the industry to share ideas on cutting edge industry issues, particularly those faced in the West Coast and Rocky Mountain regions. The standing room only education sessions were a strong testament to the exceptional topics and speakers presented. We are certain the 2017 conference will be no less impressive.

The Wireless West Conference was created by five west coast wireless associations — the California Wireless Association, Northwest Wireless Association, Arizona Wireless Association, Nevada Wireless Association, and Colorado Wireless Association.

The two-day conference will take place April 19-20, 2017 at the newly renovated Marriott Marquis & Marina. See you there!

Giving Back to School Backpack Drive

By Vanessa Jimenez-Browne, Land Use

At Md7, we strive to incorporate our core values into our daily work product and overall attitude.

When Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around we are keenly reminded to donate our time and money to those less fortunate. During past holidays, we have held competitive food drives, adopted families, and volunteered at various non-profits in the area. But what about the time in between? Times of need may swell around the holidays, but there are certainly communities and individuals that could use a helping hand every other day of the year. Md7 has created a Giving Back outreach committee to spearhead philanthropic efforts to last throughout the entire year.

As a member of the Giving Back outreach committee, it’s been a pleasure learning about the altruistic pursuits that each person harbors. Whether it be caring for homeless, youth, Veterans—to name a few—everyone seemed to have their passion project that drives them to give back to their community. One thing that we knew for certain, we didn’t want to just hand money to big organizations, we were looking to foster partnerships and relationships with local not-for-profits that we could more closely work with throughout the years.

For our Summer 2016 endeavor, we have chosen to participate in SAY San Diego’s Back-to-School Backpack drive. We have received 100 backpacks that need to be filled with a set list of school supplies. Md7 has held a back-to-school backpack drive in the past and it was met with great warmth and success. Not only has this project succeeded in getting Md7 employees involved, it has also presented a wonderful opportunity for their family members to take the initiative and become accountable in putting together a backpack of their own to give to someone in need. We chose SAY San Diego because it is a local organization that emphasizes addressing more than a single need or problem by providing solutions and support for youth and their families in matters relating to low-income needs, mental health, education, etc. We currently have 17 backpacks complete and are on target to complete our goal of 100 total packs by August 5th. We are encouraged by the great success with this project and are already discussing our next ventures and a larger end-of-the-year event!

Two Md7 Team Members Participate in Launch of CalWA Safety Committee

Md7 Land Use Project Manager, Sean Maddox and Md7 General Counsel, Lynn Whitcher both serve on the California Wireless Association (CalWA) Board of Directors. Sean serves as Director and Lynn serves as Director and Board Secretary. Additionally, they have both have active roles in the CalWA Regulatory Committee and the Education Committee. As part of CalWA’s Education Committee efforts, Sean and Lynn have helped CalWA in the formation of a new committee focused on telecom construction and safety.

“Md7 offers Construction and Construction Management as part of our turnkey site development services. Safety is obviously an important part of that. We are excited to be part of the industry’s efforts to ensure our workers are safe,” said Lynn Whitcher.

CalWA’s new safety initiative could not come at a better time. The industry has seen a welcome focus on tower construction safety and best practices. CalWA joins other industry groups such as The Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (“TIRAP”), a joint venture of telecommunications companies, industry associations and the U.S. Department of Labor, and the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) in developing helpful educational materials and safety videos.

We cannot build wireless network infrastructure at the price of worker safety. Md7 is excited to partner with the wireless industry to educate the telecom construction workforce and promote best and safe practices.

Md7 announces new deals for office space in California, Texas and Washington

SAN DIEGO, CA – May 26, 2016

Md7 continues to grow and reaffirm its footprint in the West Region of the United States through thee new deals for office space in San Diego, Austin and Seattle.

San Diego, California

Md7 has extended the lease of its corporate headquarters in San Diego, California, through December 31, 2022. The company’s U.S. operations have been based out of San Diego for over 13 years.

Austin, Texas

Md7 entered into a short-term lease in Austin, Texas to house its rapidly expanding A&E division, while the company develops a more permanent office space scheduled to open in early 2017.

Seattle, Washington

Md7 signed a five-year lease at the Northgate Executive Center in North Seattle, Washington, which will serve as the company’s regional office for the Pacific Northwest. The building manager is currently overseeing the tenant improvements for the space and the company plans to relocate its Seattle based team members to this new office location in June 2016. Md7 expanded into the Seattle, Portland, and Sacramento markets in July of 2015, through the acquisition of Lexcom Development Corporation.

“We are very pleased to extend the lease for our San Diego office through the end of 2022. Torrey View Corporate Center has been an excellent home for our headquarters and many of our team members” noted Michael Gianni, Md7 CEO and Chairman. “We are also very pleased to secure a long-term location in Seattle and excited about our plans to grow in Austin. We believe these new offices reflect our commitment to the PNW and Texas regions as well as our anticipated growth.”

About Md7

Md7, LLC, based in San Diego, California and Dublin, Ireland is a full service cell site development and real estate services company for the wireless telecommunications industry. Its experience and proprietary systems create greater efficiencies and significant cost savings for the largest wireless operators in the world. Md7 has provided a variety of site acquisition and wireless real estate related services in ten different languages, in 13 different countries in North America, Europe, Africa and Oceana.

To learn more about Md7 please visit

Company Profile (as Published by Inside Towers)

By Eleanor Snite, Inside Towers

Md7 North America was founded in 2003, and now has operations throughout the United States and in 13 countries in Europe. Tom Leddo, vice president and one of the four founders of Md7, said it was all about the timing. Early in Md7’s launching, cell phone companies were making major acquisitions and Md7 was asked to negotiate leases for literally thousands of sites during a very short time.

“We got good at negotiating,” Leddo said. “Out of the ability to negotiate thousands of leases, we got more business asking us to help build new sites, construction services, zoning, permitting and all that goes with new or existing sites.”

The experience also taught Md7 that the Excel sheets used to manage projects just weren’t the answer. Using their own experience, they developed a custom software system – Live Track. It provides a good workflow and is designed to manage projects for developing and managing every single step and sub-step needed in a project.

Leddo said Md7 has been planning goals for growth in 2016 and forward. One thing is working to increase its presence west of the Rocky Mountains and also in the deep South. The second goal is to significantly increase its ability to broaden the turnkey service. More DAS and engineering services have also been added.

“We also significantly beefed up our construction management division,” Leddo said. “We provide all the services related to the real estate under those towers, getting the towers constructed and getting equipment on the towers.”

Md7 North America, which is headquartered in San Diego, has 17 field offices throughout the country including Austin, Atlanta, Seattle, and Sacramento. It trades on the motto: “Centralized Efficiency, Localized Know-How.” It primarily works with Tier 1 phone companies but has also worked with smaller companies. The company works with 20 carriers in Europe and the European headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland.

Wondering what Md7 means? Leddo gets that a lot and is ready with a response:

  • We are not “seven doctors” – That would be “7 MD’s”.
  • We do not manufacture Cosmeceuticals – That’s “MD-7”.
  • We are not located on Maryland Route 7. – That’s “MD 7”.
  • We do not manufacture an Ultra Long Excursion High Power Dual 18″ Subwoofer – that is JBL.
  • We are not “Moorish Delta 7” (aka MD7) – the UK Hip-Hop group from Birmingham, England.

Leddo continued, “Actually, the name comes from the initials of our Founder and CEO, Michael David Gianni, or MDG. But the “G” was changed to “7” because it is the seventh letter of the alphabet. Eric LeVine, the graphic artist who also designed our logo came up with the name.


Md7, LLC Expands to Austin, Texas and Simultaneously Opens an Engineering and Design Services Division

SAN DIEGO, CA – February 18, 2016 – Md7, LLC announces that it is opening a regional office in Austin, Texas and also launching a new division directly providing architecture, engineering and design services (A&E) to enhance its rapidly growing site acquisition and development services for macro, small cell and DAS deployments.

The addition of the Austin office continues the expansion Md7’s execution model leveraging central efficiency with local ‘know-how.’ Md7 now has offices in San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Atlanta, Dublin, and Maastricht in The Netherlands, as well as field offices throughout the US and Europe. The simultaneous move to offer engineering and design services in-house enhances Md7’s strategy to grow its turnkey, site development services. Through the addition of A&E, Md7 will substantially strengthen its delivery capabilities to offer a variety of à la carte and turnkey services to operators, tower companies and other infrastructure providers.

The new engineering and design division will operate out of Austin, Texas and be managed by the Vice President of Engineering, Mario A. Martinez, who joined Md7 on February 1, 2016.

“Through our unique execution model leveraging centralized expertise and local knowledge to deliver high volume, high quality and improved cycle time and economics, Md7 has significantly expanded our site development services over the last few years ” said Michael Gianni, Md7 Chairman and CEO.“ We continually seek opportunities to improve and optimize our operations and delivery capabilities to meet the challenges of our customers. The addition of our Austin office and in-house A&E capabilities will strengthen our ability to consistently deliver for our customers in that region, nationally as well as across the globe.”

“And the addition of Mario Martinez to our team brings critical expertise to increase our ability to directly provide design and engineering work across macro, small-cell and DAS projects,” added Gianni.

Mario Martinez has over 24 years of experience in the Telecommunication industry having held both regional and national roles with several of the major US carriers. He has substantial experience in Business and Network operations including responsibility for large-scale network deployments, technology conversions, DAS, Small Cell, and Fiber system implementation. Martinez is a licensed Architect and holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Texas in Austin and a Master’s in Business Administration from Pepperdine University, in Malibu, California.

About Md7

Md7, LLC, based in San Diego, California and Dublin, Ireland is a full service cell site development and real estate services company for the wireless telecommunications industry. Its experience and proprietary systems create greater efficiencies and significant cost savings for the largest wireless operators in the world. Md7 has provided a variety of site acquisition and wireless real estate related services in ten different languages, in 13 different countries in North America, Europe, Africa and Oceana.

To learn more about Md7 please visit

Md7 Uses Federal Law to Reduce Deployment Times

Daniel Goodrich and Sean Maddox
Md7 Land Use Department

In 2012, Congress passed a federal law to reduce site deployment timeframes for modifications and colocations (often referred to as “Section 6409”). Although the industry was excited about the possibilities under this new law, carriers and municipalities have been unsure how the regulation should operate in practice. Even today, uncertainty persists despite the FCC’s 2015 clarifications in the law, because 6409’s “shot clock” requiring local municipalities to streamline approvals has a lot of bark, but no bite.

The challenge presented by 6409 is that the FCC asks carriers to be comfortable deploying new equipment relying only on a notice letter to the jurisdiction stating the project is “deemed approved.” At Md7, we have found that clients prefer to have a document issued by the municipality confirming that the project is approved, as opposed to a “deemed approved” notice on carrier letterhead.

We have taken a practical approach to this challenge by working with jurisdictions in some of the toughest markets in the U.S. to harmonize outdated and onerous zoning processes with the streamlined timeframe mandated by federal law. The result: collaboration, not contention.

Working with local municipalities provides peace of mind for our clients because we deliver a tangible approval document issued by the municipality in what can often be half the traditional timeframe under the existing siting process.

The following examples highlight Md7’s recent approach and success in significantly reducing client deployment timeframes across modification and new-build colocation projects:

Village on the North Shore of Long Island, New York

Municipality estimated a 60 day turnaround for zoning approval. Md7 obtained zoning approval in 35 days.

Background: Located on the north shore of Long Island, NY, this affluent village maintains a stringent zoning code and approval process for “aesthetically displeasing” telecommunications facilities.

For a relatively simple modification to an existing water tower, the Village initially required an approximate 90 day process, including: (1) a building permit application; (2) a building permit denial; (3) a Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) application; (4) an in-person pre‑submission conference; and (5) ZBA and building permit approval.

Approach and Result: Md7 collaborated with Village counsel to educate municipal officials of the Village’s obligations under the new federal requirements. As a result, Md7 successfully obtained an outright waiver of the ZBA process and an approved building permit simultaneously, which Village counsel advised “had never been done before.”

Historic Waterfront Community in New York

Municipality estimated a 120 day turnaround for zoning approval and building permit approval. Md7 not only obtained zoning approval, but also building permit approval within 67 days.

Background: Bordering New York, Connecticut and the Long Island Sound, this historic waterfront community also traditionally presents quite a challenge to telecommunications modification applications.

For a relatively simple modification to an existing smoke stack, the Village initially imposed 3 separate public meetings/hearings to span over 90 days, not to mention approximately an additional 30 days to obtain the building permit.

Approach and Result: Md7 communicated with the Village Attorney and Planners, ascertained the Village’s position and motivations regarding 6409, and compromised to shave approximately 60 days off the entire zoning and permit application process.

Major Maryland City in the Process of a Complete Overhaul of its Zoning Code

Municipality estimated a 90 day turnaround for zoning and building permit approval. Md7 not only obtained zoning approval, but also building permit approval within 44 days.

Background: While the City offered, at first glance, a streamlined zoning and permitting process (i.e., a “one-stop-shop”), a new carrier’s colocation on a downtown rooftop proved to be more challenging from a zoning perspective than initially anticipated.

Md7 submitted a single application electronically; the application passed every departmental review, only to arrive at the zoning department, which flagged the application for a public hearing. In practice, the City interpreted its Code to subject all new antenna installations to a public hearing.

Approach and Result: Md7 persuaded the City Zoning Administrator to recognize that the colocation qualified for expedited treatment, and the City soon thereafter waived the public hearing, administratively approved the application, and issued the final building permit, saving the client approximately 45 days on its build schedule.

Through a practical approach to 6409 challenges, Md7 continues to build on its reputation as an innovator in wireless real estate portfolio management by expediting traditional site acquisition timeframes while providing our clients and municipal constituents with clarity in the wake of new federal law.

Integrating Our Core Values in an Acquired Company

Michael Moskowitz
Human Resources Director

At Md7 we take our 6 Core Values – Integrity, Respect For The Individual, Extreme Service, Continuous Improvement, Balanced Life and Giving Back – very seriously. They are not merely posters on the wall or statements in our Employee Handbook; they represent ways of thinking and behaving that we want all Md7 employees to emulate every day. To this end, all employees receive annual Core Values training in small groups to share experiences and discuss the virtues and challenges of a work culture that embraces these tenets.

So when we purchased Lexcom in July 2015, it was imperative that the 30+ employees in Lexcom’s Seattle and Portland offices learn about and integrate our Core Values into their daily work practices as soon as possible. Cheryl Bobbitt, Director of Corporate Responsibility and myself designed a 4 hour interactive training program that incorporated the topics of Core Values, Harassment Prevention and Conflict Resolution. We sensed the Seattle and Portland offices would be receptive, warm and welcoming to this training initiative, but you’re never sure until you’re in front of the group. Having been through several mergers and acquisitions in my time (on both sides of the transaction) I knew very well the skepticism that potentially awaited us.

As it turned out, it felt like the session in the Seattle office went great, as did the program in Portland. Experienced trainers like Cheryl and I can sense when things go well (or not!) but sending anonymous and confidential post training surveys and receiving the results from all attendees would confirm or dispel any trainer impression. Our perceptions were correct – participants overwhelmingly felt the content of the training and our expertise as instructors exceeded their expectations. But the strongest positive answer was in response to the question “The training session helped me feel more connected to Md7.” 100% of the participants agreed with the statement, 70% of them stating they strongly agreed!

Working effectively in a Core Values driven organization more likely happens when experienced employees model the desired way of doing business and new employees are sought out and actively engaged in the beliefs of the organization. Posters on the wall and statements in the Employee Handbook are nice, but they don’t influence employee attitude and behavior like high quality, interactive and ongoing communication and training. It’s how we roll at Md7.

What does the name “Md7” Mean?

By Tom Leddo
Vice President

We get asked a lot “where did the name Md7 come from?” or “what does the name Md7 mean?”

Well before we answer that question, let’s countdown the top five things that are not related to our company name.

  1. We are not “seven doctors” – That would be “7 MD’s”
  2. We do not manufacture Cosmeceuticals – That’s “MD-7”.
  3. We are not located on Maryland Route 7. – That’s “MD 7”.
  4. We do not manufacture an Ultra Long Excursion High Power Dual 18″ Subwoofer – that is JBL.
  5. We are not “Moorish Delta 7” (aka MD7) – the UK Hip-Hop group from Birmingham, England.

Actually, the name comes from the initials of our Founder and CEO, Michael David Gianni, or MDG. But the “G” was changed to “7” because it is the seventh letter of the alphabet.

Eric LeVine, the graphic artist who also designed our logo came up with the name. Michael and Eric were friends who had taken a number of annual surf trips together along with several other friends that met at San Diego State University.

Michael approached Eric to create a logo and business cards, as he was about to incorporate the company but told him he was still working on the name. Shortly after, Eric sent Michael a draft of the logo. Michael really liked the logo but even he didn’t understand the play on his initials at first. Eric had to explain it to him too.

Quite often we get asked about the meaning of the name “Md7” from new employees on their first day on the job. Aaron Rodrigo, a Project Manager who focuses on the D-A-CH Region of Europe and works in our office in Dublin, Ireland recently emailed Md7’s CEO, Michael Gianni, with the following.

I would like share a funny story with you guys. You know that our office is in the post code area number 7 of Dublin, right? This area has a reputation as a traditional Irish working class neighborhood. We had an induction day recently for our new starters, and one of my questions was what the name “MD7” stands for. I was hinting that it is relating to the name of our CEO, Michael D. Gianni. One of the new guys was instantly saying: “Ah of course, yes that makes total sense”. I was surprised by that confident, quick response, so I asked him to explain himself.

His answer: “Well, it must stand for Michael from Dublin 7”.





Md7 and CalWA

Md7 is proud to announce the appointment of Lynn Whitcher to the Board of Directors of the California Wireless Association. The California Wireless Association (CalWA), a State Wireless Association (SWA) program under PCIA – The Wireless Infrastructure Association, promotes the wireless industry at the state and municipal level, educating consumers and public officials about the wireless industry and the critical role it plays in economy, safety, and society. California’s onerous zoning laws are well known for stalling site deployment and modification schedules, making CalWA’s mission of outreach critical to the future of wireless siting in the Golden State. CalWA’s leadership is comprised of representatives from wireless service providers, tower companies, law firms, and industry consultants.

Md7 has been a strong supporter of CalWA. Sean Maddox (Land Use) is Co-Chair of the CalWA Regulatory Committee, of which Ms. Whitcher, Cynthia Hanson (Land Use Counsel), and Daniel Goodrich (Land Use) are members. Ms. Hanson and Ms. Whitcher are assisting in the efforts to form a Legislative and Legal Affairs Subcommittee.

Ms. Whitcher also serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors of the Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum.

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