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MD7 Announces Contract Analyzer

AI/MACHINE LEARNING FOR CONTRACT ABSTRACTION AND DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SAN DIEGO – June 19, 2019 – Md7 is pleased to announce Contract Analyzer, software that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to abstract key provisions and manage lease data for cell site leases. Md7’s Contract Analyzer algorithms were developed specifically to review complex cell […]

Join Md7 at 5G World Summit in London

If you had to make a list of some of the most exciting events happening in the wireless industry every year, the 5G World Summit would undoubtedly be right at the top. It’s an incredible opportunity to not only learn but also network and partner with more than 2,500 professionals from all over the world […]

Respect for the Individual: One of Our Most Important Values

At Md7, our organization has changed a great deal over the years – both in ways that we could have predicted and many in which we couldn’t. But our six core values have remained the same – and for many of our team members, the most important one is Respect for the Individual. To us, […]

Using AI and AR to Address 5G Labor Shortages

As you may have read in recent articles by AGL and RCR, the wireless infrastructure industry is facing a serious labor shortage in conjunction with the rapidly advancing rollout of 5G.     A recent panel titled “AI and AR: Working Smarter, Not Harder” at the 2019 Wireless West Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, discussed new technologies […]

In Case You Missed the Wireless West Conference

This year’s Wireless West Conference has come and gone. People traveled from all over to the gorgeous desert of Scottsdale, Arizona to participate in three days of education from thought leaders, expert analysts, networking opportunities and much, much more. Md7 was also on hand and if you didn’t have the pleasure of attending yourself, we […]

Md7 Partners with Overlay to Develop Scout App

MOBILE AUGMENTED REALITY FOR RAPID SMALL CELL DEPLOYMENTS SAN DIEGO, CA, and MENLO PARK, CA – January 23, 2019 – Md7 and Overlay have partnered to develop Scout, a cutting-edge computer vision and mobile augmented reality app, to accelerate the site acquisition and land surveying process for small cells in the wireless industry.   Scout […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Md7

Overview of Maslow’s Hierarchy Psychologist Abraham Maslow theorized that all human behavior is motivated by the drive to satisfy five essential human needs, which are satisfied in the following prescribed order: Basic Physiological Needs, Safety Needs, Love and Belonging, Esteem, and Self-Actualization.   Because people often spend more time fulfilling initial needs (such as the […]

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Md7 Announces ISO 9001:2015 Certification in Europe

Dublin, Ireland – 27 November 2018 – Md7 is pleased to announce that its European operation, Md7 International Telecommunications Ltd (MITL), has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification. This certification is in addition to the company headquarters, in San Diego, achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification earlier this year. ISO 9001:2015 is the most recognized and widely used business […]

FCC Takes Steps to Accelerate Wireline and Wireless Broadband Deployment

FCC recently issued its Third Report and Order and Declaratory Ruling, which takes several steps to facilitate deployment of wireline and wireless networks. The biggest step is the adoption of “one-touch make-ready” (OTMR). OTMR will speed deployment time and reduce costs for certain utility pole attachments by letting a new attacher perform work required to […]

MD7 Initiates Landlord Management for Vodafone Germany

San Diego, CA – August 21, 2018. Md7 announces that it has initiated landlord management services for Vodafone Germany.   Md7 has established a landlord hotline and call center in Düsseldorf to manage the relationships with over thirty-thousand cell site and radio base station landlords across Germany for Vodafone. In addition, Md7 provides additional support […]

Md7 Announces ISO 9001:2015 Certification

SAN DIEGO, CA – July 31, 2018 – Md7 is pleased to announce it is certified to ISO 9001:2015.  ISO 9001:2015 is the most recognized and widely used business management system in the world, designed to help organizations meet and exceed the expectations and needs of their customers and other interested parties.  As part of […]

Integrity – Personal and System

We recently asked several of the Md7 team members which of our six Core Values is their favorite.  We got a variety of answers, but the most common was: “Integrity, because without it none of the other five core values matter.”   We are proud many of our employees think that way.   Jeff Krauel, […]

The (Updated) Perfect Storm for Wireless Operators

In October of 2009, I forecasted on a now-defunct blog that our industry was approaching “The Perfect Storm for Wireless Operators.” I now offer an updated blog based on hindsight and the current state of the wireless industry.   In 2009 I wrote: Today in both Europe and North America, the wireless industry shows its […]

Streamlining Small Cells Entitlements at the State Level

At last week’s Connectivity Expo or “Connect (X)” show in Charlotte, North Carolina, panel moderators and audiences alike asked the tower companies and carriers whether they were looking for intervention by the Federal Communications Commission to help streamline the entitlement process for small cells at the federal level.  It might surprise you to hear that […]

Md7 Opens Office in Düsseldorf, Germany

DUBLIN, IRELAND – May 8, 2018. Md7 announces the opening of a new office in Düsseldorf, Germany to expand its offering of Landlord Management services. The addition of the Düsseldorf office is the latest expansion of Md7 in its effort to innovate ways to better manage and optimize wireless real estate assets for customers worldwide. […]

Top Barriers for Small Cells

The United Kingdom based Small Cell Forum recently released their annual Small Cell Market Status Report which included a wealth of statistics and trends about the rapidly evolving deployments of small cells worldwide.  The report included a list of top barriers to small cell deployments as identified through a survey of 78 different mobile network […]

FCC Rule Changes Stir-up Dust

To be candid, I typically find panels that discuss regulatory updates at wireless conferences a bit dry.  However, I attended a good one two weeks ago at the South Wireless Summit in Nashville, Tennessee that discussed recent rule changes by the FCC.  The panel consisted of Marvin Webster of ECA, Woo Lim of Terracon and […]

Wireless West Opening Night

By: Lynn Whitcher, General Counsel April 10 – 12, 2018, J.W. Marriott, Los Angeles The third annual Wireless West Conference is just around the corner, and we are excited the show will be in our backyard, downtown Los Angeles – or “DTLA” as locals like myself call it.  Over 500 industry professionals are expected to […]

Why do we need small cells? (Updated)

Explaining Small Cells to New Community – Part 2 In an initial post about explaining small cells to a new community, we commented that one should “keep it simple when trying to answer a community’s or jurisdiction’s initial question – What is a small cell?” Once you have answered that question, the next question that […]

Why Small Cells Matter

In an era where roughly 77% of adults in the United States now own a smartphone, to say that network capacity is critical is something of an understatement. This is before you begin to think about the Internet of Things and the impending data explosion that it’s about to bring with it – there will […]

Disrupt or be Disrupted

Md7 is Committed to Innovation As we celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of Md7, we cannot rest on our laurels.  Md7 has no choice – we must continue to innovate.  The wireless industry is changing – quickly!   The advent of small cells, the evolution to 5G, the demand for fiber, 100+ percent […]

Solving the Small Cell Puzzle

By Brian Mackey, Md7 Land Use Your RF engineer wants a small cell on this utility pole. Your construction manager prefers that streetlight pole. The City Planner says neither pole is acceptable and asks you to move the site 1/4 mile down the road, away from nearby houses. How do you please everyone? Our Land […]

Md7 celebrates 15 years in business

This month Md7 is celebrating 15 years in business. In January 2003, Michael Gianni created Md7 after spending much of 2002 traveling and speaking with his friends and acquaintances in wireless about the future of the industry. As noted in a prior Md7 blog post, Michael began to see two themes emerge:   OpEx was […]

Explaining Small Cells to a New Community

Answering the simple question, “what is a small cell?” can get complicated.  Do not let this happen when you are approaching a new community or municipality with a small cell zoning request.   If you ask an RF engineer, “what is a small cell?” you may get an equally complex, but very different answer than […]

Snapshot of the Small Cell Market – Jurisdictions

Most in the industry tend to picture small cells as an “easier project,” due to the nature of the technology and build. It is logical, as typically, small cells commonly consist of few smaller antennas and RRUs, that are placed on either a light pole or utility pole in the public ROW, or possibly concealed […]

Five Things You Need to Eliminate Deployment Calls

To eliminate deployment calls you need five things. Realistic forecasting. Proper forecasting is the foundation for a successful implementation. Without it, the project will spin out of control. Be realistic upfront, and it will go much smoother. A well-defined and mutually agreed deployment process. A defined process allows everyone to know where we are going […]

Scaling Small Cells One Community at a Time

Small cells are still new to most communities, and each community must go up its own learning curve and develop its deployment guidelines. No two cities are the same, and each must make its own decisions. A recent article in RCR Wireless News highlights some challenges faced on a Verizon deployment in Palo Alto, California. […]

Best Practices for Small Cell Design

When viewed through the lens of our rapidly advancing industry, the implementation of small cell installations is nothing new. But, in the red tape laden world of local government zoning, small cell deployments are still relatively novel. As such, a substantial majority of jurisdictions across the U.S. have yet to establish any standards for small […]

Outward Mindset

By Michael Moskowitz, Director of Human Resources At Md7 we encourage employees to embrace a set of 6 Core Values – Integrity, Extreme Service, Continuous Improvement, Respect for the Individual, Giving Back and Balanced Life – because we believe that by doing so, we are supporting beliefs that result in an organization of happier, healthier […]

What is a Smart City?

I have been struggling for a while to write an article about Smart Cities that addresses three simple goals: accurately defines the term Smart City, explains how Smart Cities will impact our future, and gives an example of an actual Smart City.   As I often do, I started with searching the term on Google […]

A Look Forward Over the Next Four Years

By Tom Leddo, Chief Operating Officer This is the second article in a two-part series. Article one is titled “A Look  Over the Last Eight Years.” In the accompanying blog, A Look Back Over the Last Eight Years, I write about the cultural changes that have occurred from 2009-2017, the timeframe when Barack Obama was President […]

A Look Back Over the Last Eight Years

By Tom Leddo, Chief Strategy Officer This is the first article in a two part series. Article two is titled “A Look Forward Over the Next Four Years.” As I watched President Barack Obama’s Farewell speech delivered on January 10, from McCormick Place, the large, sprawling convention center near downtown Chicago I couldn’t help but […]

Santa, I Want Smart Toys!

By Sandra Maas, Md7 Business Development – Dublin, Ireland Growing up in the eighties, the most advanced toy I had was a brunette, life-sized hard-plastic doll called “Lissy”. “Lissy” wasn’t just the average doll. What made “Lissy” so advanced was that she ran on 9V batteries and had multi-coloured records you could insert into a […]

Giving Back 2016

By Amy Bard, Md7 Counsel Md7 works on organizing projects year round that exemplify our core value of Giving Back. This holiday season, the Giving Back Committee at Md7 partnered with the Hope Leadership Foundation in their Toys for Hope Toy Drive to collect toys for less-fortunate children in San Diego, California. The Hope Leadership […]

Appropriate Use of a Mobile Phone on Thanksgiving Day

By Tom Leddo, Chief Strategy Officer The most basic rules of etiquette are clear- you should not use your mobile phone during a Thanksgiving meal. The rules would also state that you should not use your phone while spending time with family before and after the meal. Admittedly, that second one is a little tougher […]

Using your Phone to Pair Wine with Your Thanksgiving Meal

By Mark Christenson, President, International / CTO Despite a significant increase in wine drinkers, and newer producers and younger sommeliers trying to demystify wine to make it accessible to everybody, wine can still intimidate, especially when there is already stress from the overhead of needing to provide a huge meal for relatives, many of whom […]

An International Perspective on the Challenges Facing the Wireless Infrastructure Industry

By Tom Leddo, Chief Strategy Officer and Lynn Whitcher, General Counsel Different Cultures, but Similar Challenges Md7 currently operates in fourteen different countries and eleven different languages. While there are obviously a lot of cultural differences between each of these markets, Md7 has found that each of these countries and regions within are facing a […]

Md7, LLC Acquires ACO Architects, Inc. in Orange County, California

SAN DIEGO, CA – OCTOBER 26, 2016 Md7, LLC announced that it has acquired ACO Architects, Inc., an Orange County, California-based A&E firm with a strong presence and trusted reputation in Southern California. The asset purchase of ACO’s operations in Orange County fits into Md7’s continuing growth of its site development services in the cellular […]

Wireless Delivery + Content = Densification

By Mark Christenson, President, International / CTO and Tom Leddo, Chief Strategy Officer Overview AT&T plans to acquire Time Warner for $85.4 billion. It is an amazing announcement that has already generated a lot business and political headlines both in support and in opposition to the deal. AT&T and those in favor of the deal argue […]

Md7 Ireland May Soon Enjoy Krispy Kreme!

While recently scrolling through my LinkedIn Newsfeed, I noticed that a long time friend and industry colleague Chris Hillabrandt, had “Liked” a key article – “Krispy Kreme doughnuts are coming to Ireland.” I think that Chris and his family who moved a little over a year ago to Europe from Texas would agree – Yes! […]

Small Cells Zoning – Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

By Tom Leddo, Vice President On September 8, I had the privilege of moderating a panel at the Tower and Small Cell Summit that accompanied CTIA Super Mobility Show at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, entitled “Small Cell Zoning: It’s A Problem. We Can Fix It.” The panel consisted of three attorneys; two from […]

Small Cell Zoning: It’s a Problem, We Can Fix It

Please join Md7 Vice President, Tom Leddo, as he moderates the Small Cell Zoning: It’s a Problem, We Can Fix It panel at this year’s Tower & Small Cell Summit, co-located with CTIA Super Mobility 2016. The panel will be held on Thursday, September 8, 2016 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM, at the Sands […]

Al Gore Was Right!

By Tom Leddo, Vice President In April of 2009, I was at an industry event where one of the speakers was the former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore. He made a couple of predictions and as I look back on them it is quite obvious he was right. No, no… I am […]

Why Do We Need Small Cells?

Because the way we use our mobile phones has evolved.      The forecast for mobile video By 2020, it is forecasted that wireless networks will carry 30.6 exabytes of video each month. That is the equivalent of 7.6 billion DVDs or a little more than one DVD for every person on the planet. Video […]

Responsible (and Accelerated) Deployment of Small Cells

By Sean Maddox, Land Use Project Manager and Tom Leddo, Vice President The much anticipated rollout of small cells appears to have finally arrived. The wireless infrastructure industry has been forecasting the small cell boom for the last couple of years and while the current wave is not as big as initially anticipated, the work […]

Old code, New tricks: The Challenge of Deploying Small Cells when the Municipal Code is Outdated

By Sharon Gretch, Zoning Manager ‘Change is the heartbeat of growth.’ – Scottie Somers Outdated wireless code. The bane of jurisdiction staff and telecommunication professionals alike. Old code that may not address new technology, much less consider changes in Federal law.  As my grandmother used to say, “If you don’t like it – change it.” […]

Small Cells – Not In My Front Yard!

By Tom Leddo, Vice President and Lynn Whitcher, General Counsel “A favorite theory of mine — to wit, that no occurrence is sole and solitary, but is merely a repetition of a thing which has happened before, and perhaps often.” –Mark Twain NIMBY Anyone who has worked in the wireless infrastructure industry for a while has […]

Small Cells in an Environmentally Protected Area

By Tom Leddo, Vice President Michael Habets, Md7’s Key Account Manager for the Benelux Region of Europe who works in the Md7 office in Maastricht, Netherlands, doesn’t usually attend site walks. However, this particular walk was not typical so he decided perform the work personally – and as a result his calves were sore for […]

Without Real Estate Nothing Works

By Tom Leddo, Vice President “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” – Mark Twain A few years ago, I was eating breakfast in a very crowded restaurant at the Wynn while attending CTIA Super Mobility show in Las Vegas when a young woman noticed our common CTIA lanyards and asked if we could share a […]

More Cell Sites – Better, Faster, and Cheaper

By Tom Leddo, Vice President Better, faster and cheaper. Better, faster and cheaper. It has been said that in the pursuit of innovation, you can have two of the three, but you cannot have all three, so you need to decide. I understand the point – to attempt to have all three at once creates a […]

Md7 is Technologically Agnostic

By Tom Leddo, Vice President At Md7, we sometimes get asked “are you familiar with ___________ (fill in the blank with any type of technology) or have you worked with ___________ (fill in the blank again with any choice) equipment before?” Our answer is always the same: “Yes, but we are technologically agnostic” defines agnostic […]

Best Practices for Deploying Wireless Infrastructure in the Public Right-of-Way

By Daniel Shaughnessy, Md7 Land Use As the industry moves into the future with more creative, innovative, and technologically-advanced wireless infrastructure solutions, it is worth remembering a time when things were not so great. More than just technology has changed since the early days of wireless infrastructure deployment; the partnership between telecommunications companies and the […]

Growing as Fast As Your Network

Md7 serves 25 different carriers in thirteen different countries on four different continents in ten different languages. We of course also serve the supporting OEMs, tower companies and other organizations that also operate within the wireless industry. Md7 supports these operations from our North American headquarters in San Diego and our European headquarters in Dublin, […]

Astounding Statistics for Mobile Data Growth

By Tom Leddo, Vice President In February of 2016, Cisco published The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, a white paper that they refer to as “an ongoing initiative to track and forecast the impact of visual networking applications on global networks.” According to Cisco, “visual networking is where streaming video, […]

California Public Utilities Commission Reform Proposed

By Lynn Whitcher, General Counsel If you are working on small cells or DAS deployments within the public streets (a.k.a. rights-of-way), you have likely dealt with the state’s public utilities commission, which often controls attachment guidelines, fees, safety, and other aspects of siting. In California, that may soon change. On March 9, 2016, an Assembly […]

The Impact of Wireless – Where to Watch a Sporting Event

“Should I stay or should I go?” – The Clash: Combat Rock, 1982 The advent of the Ultra HD TV combined with the high cost to attend a major sporting event has drawn millions away from the stadiums and arenas to watch their favorite teams at home or in sports bars.   Now in response, many […]

New Requirements Facilitate Wireless Infrastructure Development

By Lynn Whitcher, Cynthia Hanson, Daniel Goodrich, and Benjamin Estes DOCTORS NOW USE WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES to support patient care; smart parking meters help us find and pay for parking; and we can get driving directions in our cars with real-time traffic updates. Wireless communication has become a critical infrastructure, alongside water, gas, and electricity. Despite […]

Zoning Forecast for 2016

Cynthia Hanson Md7 Land Use and Government Affairs Counsel It’s been said that to know where you are going you must look at where you have been. This statement could not be truer for telecom zoning than in 2016. To understand what is on the horizon for telecom zoning in 2016, a look back at 2015, […]

I’ll have one order of “Stir-Fried Wikipedia”

Tom Leddo Vice President In his keynote address at CTIA 2015, Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales told a humorous side story about the name “Wikipedia” somehow getting mistranslated into menus at Chinese restaurants (see the included photo). Next time I am in Beijing I’ll be sure to sample one order of the “Stir-fried wikipedia”, the “Stir-fried […]

Are Zoning Renewals on Your List?

Cynthia Hanson Md7 Land Use Counsel Have you made your list and checked it twice? Do you know what approvals you will need to get your site on air? What about to keep your site on air? Have you looked at your CUPs (Conditional Use Permits) and SUPs (Special Use Permits)? Do you know if […]

Mind The Gap: The Changing Economics of the Wireless Industry

By Tom Leddo Vice President The S-Curve In business, the growth of a product or service is often represented on a life cycle curve in the shape of an “S”. As noted in this basic S-curve model, during the infancy stage of a product or service, the growth curve is relatively flat or increasing slowly […]

What is the Market Price for Cell Site Rent? Updated

By Tom Leddo Vice President The following is an updated and slightly revised article that was originally published in AGL Magazine in April of 2009. Since the fundamentals of Supply and Demand are timeless and the wireless industry is even more competitive than it was when originally published, we thought this information was worth sharing […]

Ronald Reagan & Uber

By Tom Leddo Vice President Ronald Reagan In October of 1984 I had just begun my senior year of high school in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Ronald Reagan was running for reelection against Walter Mondale. President Reagan came to the University of Alabama on a campaign stop and I had the opportunity to hear his remarks. […]

Who Should Pay for In-Building Wireless Connectivity?

By Tom Leddo Vice President Traditionally… Traditionally, wireless operators would build cellular networks that covered the overwhelming majority of the places that their subscribers live, work and visit while these same subscribers would frequently switch to private Wi-Fi networks at home, coffee shops, hotels and other places to lower their data charges or when the […]

California Governor Signs Legislation Aimed at Accelerating Wireless Deployments

By Cynthia Hanson Land Use Counsel On October 9, 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 57 (“AB 57”) into law. As you may recall from the July edition of the Md7 Communique, AB 57 will put teeth into the FCC’s Shot Clock Order of 2009. Beginning January 1, 2016, if a city or county […]

What does the name “Md7” Mean?

By Tom Leddo Vice President We get asked a lot “where did the name Md7 come from?” or “what does the name Md7 mean?” Well before we answer that question, let’s countdown the top five things that are not related to our company name. We are not “seven doctors” – That would be “7 MD’s” […]

San Francisco Issues Design Preference Guidelines for DAS or Small Cells on Wood Poles

By Cynthia Hanson Land Use Counsel The City and County of San Francisco recently issued design preference guidelines for the installation of DAS and Small Cells on Wood Poles. Known to be a tough jurisdiction, San Francisco has offered an easy to follow set of design preferences that should help accelerate the process and clear the […]

WWLF Promotes the Exchange of Ideas and Information

By Tom Leddo Vice President The first time I was invited to a Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum (WWLF) event by Nancy Winch I had to ask her, “Why are you inviting me?” I was at the Wireless Infrastructure Show (PCIA) in Nashville at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in 2009, when Nancy asked if I was […]

How to Sell Cuckoo Clocks in Different Cultures

At Md7 we do a lot of training. In addition to training for specific jobs, we also put a lot of emphasis on training around our Purpose & Vision statement as well as each of our six core values. We believe that by doing so we strengthen and reinforce our culture and make the workplace […]

Over Half of All People Suffer from Nomophobia

By Tom Leddo Vice President  If you left home for work without your mobile phone would you turn around and go get it? What about if you were just going to the grocery store? Actually I have done both. Nomophobia – the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. According to Wikipedia, Nomophobia stands […]

A Summary of Deming’s “14 Points for Management”

While Michael Moskowitz, Director of Human Resources for Md7 has an extensive background in human resources, he also has taught a course at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) for the last 26 years on “Training and Development” in the Business and Management Certificate Program. Michael wrote a book specifically for this class entitled […]

Md7 Acquires Lexcom Development – The Lexcom Point of View

By Louis Levy, Founder of Lexcom Development and now the Vice President of Business Development for Md7 App developers for smartphones and tablets are continuously creating new ways to support and enhance the modern lifestyle. While the penetration rates for mobile phones far exceeds 100% in many nations, the excitement generated by apps are driving […]

California Bill May Streamline Wireless Deployments

By Cynthia Hanson, Land Use Counsel at Md7 California Assemblyman Bill Quirk, from the 20th District (Hayward) has proposed legislation that would help carriers and tower companies speed infrastructure upgrades through the local jurisdictional approval process. Similar legislation recently became law in the states of Georgia, Indiana, and Iowa. Under California Assembly Bill 57, colocation […]

How Should Average Rent Be Calculated?

By Mark Christenson President, International/CTO Recently we heard from an operator that their average rent per site was lower than that of one of their competitor’s. We consider measuring and analyzing network rents to be one of our specialties, and we were curious how they determined this laudable accomplishment. They said that they looked at […]

The Seasoned Traveler

By John Cahill Vice President of Business Development As a seasoned traveller, typically logging 80,000+ airline miles and over 75 hotel nights in a year, you become accustomed to and prepare for Airport parking hassles, TSA security requirements, clogged airport terminals, weather delays, long lines, cramped planes and just plain waiting.   I’d have to say, […]

Will Small Cells Ever Really Come?

by John Cahill Vice President of Business Development At first glance, you might think deploying and activating a small cell would be relatively easy compared to a Macro cell. Turns out that is not necessarily the case. Macro sites are expensive to deploy but provide a “big bang for the buck.” Small cells are very […]

We Are Always Connected!

Part of the series on How the Smartphone Has Impacted Our Lives By Tom Leddo, Vice President The great thing about a smartphone is that you can reach out to someone through multiple avenues anytime and virtually anywhere.  The bad thing about smart phones is that you can be reached by someone through multiple avenues, anytime […]

Living Wirelessly in Malaysia

by Chelsi Sparti Senior Permit Technician, Land Use Department In 2014,Chelsi Sparti had the opportunity to teach English and American Culture in Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia under a generous Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) Grant through the U.S. Department of State and the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE). She spent her time teaching secondary school, traveling throughout […]

Heterogeneous Deployment Models for Small Cells (HetDep)

by Tom Leddo Vice President In September of 2013, I wrote a blog called “Small Cells, Small Cells, Small Cells” about all the buzz and conversations around small cells. In short, I was saying that there was still a lot of uncertainty about small cells and that it may be a few years before we […]

Planning for Site Acquisitions, Modifications and Upgrades – How to Break Murphy’s Law

By Harry Kapp Project Supervisor, Md7 How can we use Murphy’s Law to our advantage? Simple. Knowing from the onset that anything that can possibly go wrong, will likely go wrong, may very well be one of the keys to success in planning and completing a successful project. It’s great when everything is completed perfectly […]

Lease Audits – An Essential Element of Site Modification Project Planning

By Jared Williams Project Supervisor Following up on “Lease Audits – An Essential Element of Proactive Site Project Planning” previously published in the February 26, 2015 Md7 Communiqué, cell site leases are an essential part of each cell site. As technology continues to evolve and carriers aggressively work to improve their network coverage and capacity, […]

The Chutes and Ladders of Site Acquisition

by Harry Kapp Project Supervisor Multiple projects, multiple carriers… site. Saving money or doubling your costs are both possible scenarios for these sites. Similar to the old game of Chutes and Ladders, when there are multiple carriers who are all seeking to upgrade the same cellular site, a mistake or a delay can result in […]

Lease Audits – An Essential Element of Proactive Site Project Planning

by Jared Williams Project Supervisor Like it or not, cell site leases are a crucial element of wireless networks. Without these leases, equipment does not get installed, network upgrades are not deployed, and your cell phone becomes nothing more than an expensive digital calculator or music player. Leases are a key element of every cell […]

The FCC’s new Section 6409 Rules go into effect soon

In November 2014, we discussed the Federal Communications Commission’s adoption of new rules streamlining the local land use and regulatory approvals process. The FCC’s ruling has now been officially published and will soon take effect. The bulk of the new FCC rules regarding Section 6409 will go into effect on April 8th, however, the provisions […]

You Can’t Do Zoning That Way

by Sean W. Maddox Md7 Land Use Department The first time I was told that zoning couldn’t be done remotely was on my first day in the Land Use department at Md7. At the time, my supervisor was explaining that conventional industry wisdom suggested there was a need for in-market zoning and permitting services, but […]

To Wi-Fi, or Not to Wi-Fi?

by John Cahill Vice President Business Development Wi-Fi is the method of choice to connect laptops, tablet, smartphones and any other nomadic device to a business network, public Internet or home network. In-building cellular networks will complement Wi-Fi networks to provide carrier managed connectivity and services. Although there are overlap of service capabilities between cellular […]

Why I Never Tell Lawyer Jokes (How to “Four-Corner” a Cell Site Lease)

by Tom Leddo Vice President I never tell lawyer jokes. While I would not describe myself as politically correct and I actually do find many lawyer jokes quite funny, my experience with lawyers in our industry is simply too valuable to make light of them. Not to mention the fact that I may find the […]

New FCC Rules Significantly Streamline Wireless Deployments

by Lynn Whitcher and Cynthia Hanson For a summary of key takeaways, click here. This article appeared in the February 2015 issue of AGL Magazine. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was created under the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (also known as Section 332[1]) to ensure, in part, that communications services infrastructure can be rapidly and […]

Current Issues in Negotiating and Updating Cell Site Lease Renewals

A combination of critical provisions, rights of refusal, expansion and termination rights, along with other helpful but optional provisions make up cell site leases often desired by wireless carriers. by Lynn Whitcher Associate General Counsel You can’t build a cell site without leasing or owning property. When negotiating a lease agreement for a new site, […]

Abbott & Costello: Who’s on Title?

by Harry Kapp Project Supervisor “Who’s on 1st, What’s on 2nd and I Don’t Know is on 3rd” comes from one of Abbott & Costello’s most famous comedy routines and, unfortunately, it is often the hurdle that is faced when trying to establish who signed your agreement for an upgrade or site acquisition. For example, […]

The Densification of America

by Tom Leddo Vice President of Business Development If most people were to hear the term densification, they would probably assume one was referring in some manner or another to the growth (maybe even a plight) of population in urban areas. But if you work in the wireless infrastructure arena, the term densification refers to […]

Md7 Is Built for the Current Data Explosion

by Tom Leddo Vice President of Business Development Md7 – The Early Years When Md7 was formed in 2003, the company had one asset – Michael Gianni’s monochrome BlackBerry. We may have had a couple of laptops too, but it wasn’t Michael’s hardware that was valuable, it was his contacts from many years in the […]

Celebrating the new

In celebration of the new site (and the return of football) the San Diego office threw a kick-off party with craft sodas and beer, stadium snacks, and encouraged employees to wear their favorite jerseys as they gathered together to launch the new website. Fun and games aside, the event was also a way to recognize […]

Scouting for Talent the Md7 Way

by Michael Moskowitz Director of Human Resources Emphasizing the three T’s – talent, training and technology – differentiates Md7. Talent, in the organizational sense of the word, is the sum of a person’s skills, knowledge, attitude and behavior that fill a company need. People with special abilities, aptitudes, and capacity for achievement and growth are […]

The Google Self-Driving Car Will Increase Demand for Bandwidth (and Increase my waistline)

Tom Leddo Vice President of Business Development My old college roommate used to say, “if you want a sure winner, buy shares of Taco Bell, because Tommy eats there so much the profits are going through the roof.” It’s true; even now I still love Taco Bell! But a desire to try to maintain a […]

International Leadership – Lessons Learned

by Mark C. Christenson President, International/CTO Recently, a group of Md7 management team members from our European and US offices descended on BrookLodge in County Wicklow, Ireland for a 3-day, intensive leadership event. County Wicklow is also known as the Garden of Ireland, and the lush green surroundings were a constant reminder of that apt […]

Above Ground Level Magazine Article: How Small Cells Affect Office and Commercial Building Leasing

by Lynn Whitcher Associate General Counsel A return to tradition will revolutionize the nature of indoor small cell leasing as wireless communications network operators deploy small cells to help increase network densification. In the early days of macro site leasing, lease agreements consisted of just one page of preprinted text. Landlord modifications were rare and, […]

Part II – Why Current Enterprise Software Solutions Fail to Deliver on the Promise

Part I in this three part series explored the ubiquitous use of Excel spreadsheets to manage wireless site development projects. It discussed both the benefits and detriments of collecting data in spreadsheets, suggesting that the industry can do much better than continuing to suffer the downsides of managing by Excel. Part I concluded with a […]

There is No Excel in Acceleration

Part I – What We Lose Relying on Excel Spreadsheets Thirty years into the wireless industry some things never change. Whether tens or thousands of sites, a new site build or equipment mod, a macro or small cell initiative-we use Excel spreadsheets to manage our projects. Why? The obvious answer is Excel is highly customizable […]

Don’t Let Title Frack Your Deployment Schedule

Wireless industry project managers and site acquisition vendors are no strangers to the need for title review, whether with respect to an Informational Title Commitment (a.k.a. Preliminary Title Report), Owner and Encumbrance Report, property profile, or otherwise. But if you’re working a site in states such as Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Kansas, or Ohio[1], you may […]

Small Cells Demand a New Deployment Model

Macro cells have gotten the job done for a lot of years, but because we’re using our smart devices for much more than just phone calls these days, the wireless industry is scrambling to increase network capacity. Imagine that the models below depict network coverage in Anytown, USA. The model on the left shows the […]

LA Lawyer Article: Tower Building

Wireless communication has become one of the most important sectors of the national economy.1  Many U.S. households have given up their landline telephone entirely in favor of reliance on wireless services.2 Businesses have also greatly increased their demand for wireless services as retailers use mobile devices to scan purchases and documents to complete sales transactions. […]

Pandora’s Box of Data

Five years ago, mobile voice traffic was about twice that of data traffic. Today, data traffic is over seven times that of voice traffic.1 In fact, data traffic doubled in just one year, between 2012 and 2013,2 and that trend is expected to continue with overall mobile data traffic doubling each and every year for […]

Is it bigger than a breadbox?

Just how big is a small cell? There’s a lot of buzz in the industry about the “next big thing,” but one person’s idea of a small cell may be completely different than another’s. When small cells first came on the scene, anything smaller than a giant macro tower was considered “small.” There is no […]

Small Cells, Small Cells, Small Cells

It seems like everywhere we turn, all we hear people talking about is small cells in the cellular industry. From conferences to trade shows to online, it’s become the topic of discussion for every facet of the industry. So what’s all the fuss and why all the buzz? With this much conversation it’s become pretty […]

For Cell Site Rents, It’s About Time

Cell Site Rents Must Line Up with Other Costs The marketplace has changed significantly since the first cellular network launched in 1978. Unlike yesterday’s networks, which were designed for voice, today’s networks are designed for data. Data today does not support the same margins as delivering voice, so operators must drive down their costs, both for […]

High Credit Tenants Are Money in the Bank – Literally

A recent New York Journal article overviewed top issues affecting office leasing, which included negotiating tenant improvements, guarantees, building services and default remedies, noting that “of critical importance to landlords is who the tenant is, what its creditworthiness is and what credit support is provided.” Given the level of maintenance required to satisfy most tenant […]

Why Carriers are Retaining Real Estate Asset Managers

Commercial Investment Real Estate “It’s time for American corporations to take a closer look at their real estate portfolios.” A reevaluation of the way corporations handle their real estate is especially important in light of the anticipated growth in buying and selling, says a recent Coldwell Banker Commercial/National Real Estate Investor corporate real estate survey […]

500 Percent Penetration

Why More Cell Sites Aren’t Necessarily Better for Landlords In his address at the CTIA Wireless 2009 conven­tion regarding the future of the wire­less industry, Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg made a compel­ling case that “500 percent pen­etration is not only possible, it’s probable.” Imagine a day when you not only own a smart phone, but […]

Cell Phones Are Like Hamburgers

Whether or not you are a McDonald’s restaurant fan, there is no denying that the foodservice retailer has one of the most successful business models ever conceived — and not for the reasons you think. When McDonald’s Corporation founder Ray Kroc asked a group of business students what business he was in and they replied […]

What is the Market Price for Cell Site Rent?

Md7 Helps Landlords Assess the Value of Their Cell Site and Cell Tower Leases Published in AGL Magazine by Tom Leddo, Md7’s Vice President of Operations What Is It Worth? Everyone wants to get paid what they’re worth. Whether it’s based on principle or pride, it absolutely galls us when someone else gets a better […]

Lease Optimization Isn’t Just a Rent Reduction

Md7 Offers Conventional Wisdom on Necessary Cell Tower and Cell Site Lease Language Published in AGL Magazine by Tom Leddo, Md7’s Vice President of Operations What would you say if the landlord of your apartment building decided to charge you more rent because you upgraded your couch to a sectional with a built in recliner? […]

Why are Cell Site Leases Changing?

MD7’s Top 10 Most Frequently Answered Questions Published in AGL Magazine by Tom Leddo, Md7’s Vice President of Operations Most people don’t like change. It often makes them wary or uneasy as they contemplate what comes next. For the most part, wariness of change is merely a fear of the unknown – like being in […]

The Role of Tenant Representatives in the Wireless Industry

Md7 Helps Carriers Navigate the Perfect Storm of Increasing Costs, Decreasing Revenues, and Market Saturation Published in AGL Magazine by Tom Leddo, Md7’s Vice President of Operations If you were paying double, triple or even quadruple the rent than the guy next to you was, what would you do about it? That’s what carriers recently […]