Month: February 2010

Md7 Earns High Praise From Church Leaders

A church in Eugene was contacted by a third-party group interested in purchasing the lease agreement that provided cell site income to the nonprofit. Because the caller was not an operator-authorized agent, the church was concerned that any agreement made would compromise their relationship with the service provider. The church contacted the operator directly to discuss the proposal and was immediately referred to Md7. As the authorized agent of the operator, we were able to review the original lease, educate the church about their options and arrange for a timely lease prepayment. The church praised our high level of customer service, noting that our communication, follow-through and integrity gave them total confidence. As a nonprofit, the funding the church received is tax free and available to finance ongoing church programs.

Antenna on Fire Station Roof Converted to Fire Truck in the Station

Pasted-Graphic-5A one-fire truck town in Iowa needed to add a second vehicle at a cost of $250,000. The plan was to put a sales tax increase on the ballot. If it passed, tax proceeds plus the income from the cell tower on the station roof would be used to fund the new fire truck. City officials were concerned about the risk associated with financing a vehicle with a cell tower site lease that could be cancelled by the carrier, and the tax increase was not a popular option. Md7 was able to provide $125,000 cash up-front, funding the new fire truck without raising taxes or taking a financial risk. There are now two fire trucks in the town.