Month: November 2009

Md7 Helps Lift the Spirit of Church Leaders with Rent Guarantee

stainedglassThe Catholic Diocese of a city in Alabama recently worked with Md7 to obtain a rent guarantee for a local parish cell site. Church leaders did not want the state of the economy to compromise their outreach efforts, so it was a valuable benefit to guarantee their cell site income for 10 years. As they were inexperienced in handling the details of this kind of transactions, the Diocese sung Md7’s praises when our lease consultant epitomized patience and a positive spirit as he courteously and confidently led them through a smooth transaction.

Realizing the Value of a Guarantee from a National Credit Tenant

towerOne Del Rio, Texas tower landlord was happy to receive a ten-year rent guarantee on both of his cellular towers. Even though the towers were built in 2004 and are the only towers in the area, he saw the benefit of receiving a guaranteed commitment from a national credit tenant. The landlord was appreciative of Md7’s efforts to negotiate this guarantee.